The Beat With Ari Melber | Biography
Political, Legal & Hip-Hop Show

The Beat With Ari Melber | Biography

MSNBS Show 'The Beat With Ari Melber' deals with political, legal, and contemporary issues in hip-hop beats with host Ari Melber. 

'The Beat With Ari Melber'

In 2016, MSNBC had hired former FOX News host Greta Van Susteren to host their 6 pm slot for her show For The Record with Greta. However, despite the network's gained viewership and all networking ranking, they let go of Susteren within six months and replaced her with Ari Melber

Subsequent to that, in July of 2017, Melber began hosting the MSNBC 6 pm show entitled The Beat With Ari Melber. Melber, a former attorney turned media host, is also the Chief Legal Correspondent of the network. In addition, he was co-hosting the show The Point before he landed The Beat

The Beat With Ari Melber Poster
The Beat With Ari Melber Poster. (Photo: Facebook)

While in 2016, he won his first 'Emmy Award' for his coverage of the political upheavals of the Supreme Court. And he had a 124% increase in sole viewership within a year, making him a star candidate for a solo show. Subsequently, his show themed on ongoing political issues arising from the obstruction of justice in America with his musical hip-hop indulgence. 

Melber and his variety of Guests

Among the issues Melber discussed, he fed the contemporary viewer with topics related to politics, racism, social media, twitter and hip-hop. It assembled him as a unique host who has garnered attention from the young and above generations. 

Likewise, in December 2017, Melber aired a special series of episodes where he kneaded the accusations against the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg after the discoveries of the Mueller Investigation. He pointed out that Zuckerberg owned a global company, and with his powerful position, he should have known about the possibilities or extent of 'robotic generations of fake news.'

Fake news and wrong information circulated during the 2016 presidential elections had significantly impacted American politics. It had also shown Russian involvement in the political business of the nation. Throughout the investigation, Zuckerberg claimed that he and his company was in no position to have the knowledge of the circulation. Moreover, those circulations and their types were also based on users' personal information.

Following that, Melber's other guest in 2017 was former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, running for Senate for Arizona. Arpaio was previously convicted of criminal contempt by court for racially profiling his perpetrators. But then, President Trump had pardoned him and released him from the misdemeanor conviction. 

However, the legal significance of 'pardon' was accepting the crime and admitting to having felt 'guilt' over the committed crime. 

On the show, Arpaio blatantly revealed that Trump pardoned him and set him free without knowing the significance of the action. Melber explained its meaning and comprehended that he admitted to having committed the crime on a live show. 

Besides that, Melber is also known to have invited guests from the hip-hop community. It included rapper Havoc, an announcement on Mobb Deep's upcoming album, and musicians Talib Kweli with Fat Joe discussing Eminem's politically-charged rap lyrics.

Record-Breaking Awards of the Show

The Beat With Ari Melber began right during the Mueller Investigation, which became a subsequent platform for Melber to discuss issues with his ability. MSNBC stepped up to the 'Top 30' position in its history during the Trump administration. While Melber's show was one of the 'Best Shows' remarking on the Mueller Investigation, as per The Detriot Free Press

The Beat Merchandise: Coffe Mugs, Apparels & Wine Glasses

The Beat With Ari Melber gained a huge fan following from Melber's witty and HipHop related comprehension of political issues. After which, MSNBC began its own merchandise, including the infamous The Beat Coffee Mugs and Wine Glasses. 

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