Mati Marroni | Biography

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  • Full Name Mati Marroni
  • Occupation Instagram Model
  • Nationality American
  • Birthplace Uruguay
  • Birth Date 2002 (Exact birthday not disclosed)
  • Did You Know? She was only 16 years old when she went viral on the internet.
  • Family background Business
  • Relationship Status Not Disclosed
  • Girlfriend Genie Exum
  • Net Worth Not Dislcosed
  • Parents Undisclosed
  • Siblings Undisclosed
  • Height 5feet 8 inches


Instagram Model

Mati Marroni | Biography

Gained prominence through social media when she was 16 years old

Mati Marroni is an Instagram model based in California. Marroni was spotted in the social media world when she was only 16 years old. She shared a video of herself eating a sloppy hamburger, and it became viral overnight. Recalling her moment of the surge, she said, “I hesitated posting it, but when I did, it got out of control very quickly and my life suddenly changed completely. I grew a following and realized that I had developed my own cult unintentionally.”

Mati Marroni is an Instagram model based in California.

Who Is Mati Marroni?

Mati Marroni gained social media popularity when she was only 16 years old. She shared a video of her eating a hamburger, which went viral within a night. After that, she began modeling and got featured by famous brands. She also started publishing adult content and opened an OnlyFans account which furthered her popularity where she goes by the username @matildem

Age & Nationality

Marroni was born in 2002 in Uruguay. She moved to Texas, USA, with her family as a child, raised there. Subsequently, she holds an American passport. While after gaining popularity, she moved to New York City. 

Mati Comes From Business Background

Her father is an entrepreneur, so she learned about conducting business from watching him work. "I definitely have an entrepreneurial mindset instilled in me through watching my dad all of these years, and I'm really passionate about my work. I'm someone who loves to help others, and I hope to use my platform to inspire and make a difference in many people's lives," Marroni said in an interview with Disrupt.

Mati's Popularity From A Burger 

Marroni was spotted in the social media world when she was only 16 years old. She shared a video of herself eating a sloppy hamburger, which became viral overnight. 

Nevertheless, in the 2022 interview with Barstools Sports, Mati shared that her favorite burgers are the Whataburgers from the Texas-based chain company.

Recalling her moment of the surge, she said, "I hesitated posting it, but when I did, it got out of control very quickly and my life suddenly changed completely. I grew a following and realized that I had developed my own cult unintentionally."

She further added, "It's so strange to think that an 8 second video of me eating a hamburger changed my entire life for the better."

After the video went viral, Mati received continuous messages, followers, and multiple brand deals. In an interview with the Disrupt magazine, she explained that she enjoys the humor and open conversations she has with her followers and admirers. And also that she keeps them true to her personality and her utmost reality. 

"I definitely get messages from many fans who enjoy my humorous personality and authentic nature. I always stay true to myself, and I never conform or act different to please others." 

Following that, Marroni gradually tried to build her fanbase and image as a model. She continued her ventures and worked as an Instagram model. At the same time, she became open to posting or exchanging adult content through Twitter, leading her to Only Fans.  

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Mati Enjoys Her Profession and Its Prospects 

Mati also states that she enjoys her profession as a social media model and does not integrate her career as work. While she takes it as a model to showcase her creativity, "For me, social media and modeling are enjoyable for the most part, so it doesn't always seem like work. I enjoy creating content while modeling and especially while traveling, and ultimately sharing it with my fans."

However, despite her immense popularity, Mati has remained humble and true to herself. In another interview with the Business Deccan, she added that she takes her profession seriously and sees more prospects on social media platforms.  

"It's especially nice to see my work appreciated by thousands of people and receive a substantial amount of positive feedback," she says.  

She pointed out that there were models and other personalities who have learned the skills of the apps and have made six to seven-figure incomes from their contents.  

Also told, "I realized how profitable the social media industry has become when I began working with popular brands, other models, and a variety of other collaborators. There are many people making six-figure, even seven-figure salaries all from their social media platforms." 

Mati Marroni Only Fans

Subsequently, from her Instagram popularity, Mati Marroni began her Only Fans journey after the Covid pandemic Hit in 2020. 

In an interview with Barstools Sports, she explained that she was already providing adult content messages to her followers on Twitter and Instagram. Then during the pandemic lockdown, she decided to open an official Only Fans account to commercialize her content.  

She further added that she likes to showcase her true personality and go crazy with her content on the platform. 

Nevertheless, by 2022 she has accumulated over 1.6 million likes on her account. While on her Instagram, she has amassed over 570 followers in 2022, and similarly, she also has a Reddit account with almost 80k members as of 2021.

Mati Marroni Talks About Her Future Plans

Furthermore, in the 2022 Barstool Sports Interview, Mati also disclosed that from the profit she made from Only Fans and other sites, she wanted to make movies. 

Although she did not elaborate on the genre and her other interests, she said that she relates more to Latin and classic films. During which she also revealed that she cried after watching the Notebook movie. 

Empowering Women

Along with her business agendas, Mati proclaims that she used her platform to learn about the digital space and content creation. In addition to that, Marroni aims to start her own business. And help women change the way they are treated in many parts of the world, especially where they have limited freedom to pursue their dreams.

In addition to that, her focus on the vision was to influence and provide for women in all regions who lack opportunities. She also explained that she wants to make a difference in countries where women's rights have been suppressed and who do not have the freedom to pursue their dreams as she did.   

In the Bussiness Deccan interview, Mati shared, "I've always been passionate about advocating for women who don't have the freedom to chase their dreams like I have had the privilege of doing. I want to use my platform and popularity to help cultivate this positive change, and I would say that's definitely what drives and inspires me the most."

She further added her thoughts on women's rights, "I really want to help influence change in the way women are treated in many areas of the world. I truly believe that I can make a difference when it comes to women's rights in countries where they have none."

Cyberbullying and Legal Issues

With the positive prospects of social media, Marroni also faced the negative potential of the platform. She claimed she had been cyberbullied since she gained momentum, but she could ignore the toxicity. 

"To be honest, I don't know anyone who has dealt with being bullied online to the extent that I have, especially since I've only had a large following for less than two years," Mati stated in an interview with Disrupt Magazine.

However, as the pandemic hit in 2020, she could not ignore them anymore. Therefore, she learned to have patience and remain calm while also keeping a positive mindset at the same time.

Further, Marroni told the American Reporter that she experienced catfishing, which led her to resort to legal help. She claimed that many catfished accounts, took her name and pictures, pretending to be her, and gained nearly 2 million followers. She recalled that knowing someone was using her identity and pursuing her fans took a toll on her mental health. Therefore, she approached legal aid.

However, even with the assistance, she could not reach a justifiable conclusion on the issue.

Is Mati Marroni a Lesbian?

Marroni previously resided in Los Angeles, California, however recently she moved to New York City. Other than that part of her personal life Mati has not disclosed about her personal relationships.  
However, her fans have speculated that she is a lesbian and has a girlfriend. Mati has also posted a personal picture with the Instagram influencer Genie Exum where she has called Genie her soul mate. 

Mati Marroni With Girlfriend And Model Genie
Mati Marroni With Girlfriend Genie Exum. (Photo: Instagram) 

The post's caption read, "someday in the future we'll be telling our kids about the day i coincidently walked into the wrong cafe in Miami and saw you sitting all alone. You looked up at me with that beautiful gapped smile of yours that i adore and you complimented me without thinking anything of it. I mustered up all the courage I had(you know i'm hella awkward lol) and asked if you wanted to sit with me, and with no hesitation you did. Oh Genie!! How that day changed both of our lives! Who would've thought that we'd find each other in a time that we felt most lost. Everyday i count my lucky stars for your beautiful soul. You always find ways to make me feel externally happy- just by being yourself. I've never met someone so fearless, so loyal, and understanding like yourself. You are so unapologetically yourself and it is so beautiful to witness .You are truly one of my biggest blessings Genie. I love both you and boots so much. Here's to you being 21 forever, and our prolonged sisterhood."

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