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  • Full Name Tracy Wolfson
  • Ethnicity Jewish Heritage (exact ethnic background undisclosed)
  • Birth Date Mar 17, 1975
  • Age 49 Years, 3 Months
  • Relationship Status Married
  • Husband David Reichel
  • Height 5 Feet 1 Inches (1.57m) tall
  • Children 3 sons (Dylan, Ari, and Evan)
  • Religious Affiliation Jewish
  • Occupation NFL Reporter , Sports Announcer, Sideline Reporter
  • Wedding Date 2001 (Exchanged wedding vows on New Year's eve

CBS’ Tracy Wolfson And Her Husband, Eventually, Have Formed An Union On Family Values

Previously worked for WZBN-TV, MSG Network, and ESPN

Tracy Wolfson is a well-known figure in the NFL World, but she is also a mother of three who needs her constantly. So how does she balance her important family life and passionate job?


As one of the on-demand NFL sports announcers for CBS News, Tracy Wolfson has fully utilized her resources to balance her personal and ever so professional life. And she does not conceal her steps. She discloses that her husband and her family have been the backbone during her every busy season as a veteran sports reporter.

Wolfson, who got inspired by reporting from the age of seven, began her sports journalism career while studying at the University of Michigan. It was there she met her husband, David Reichel. But they did not start a relationship right away. Instead, they began dating after graduating college and eventually got married on New Year's Eve of 2001. 

Subsequently, her career began to catch up with her family, as she became a mother of three children. However, she chooses to prioritize her mom's duties over her job, and she shall continue to do so. "Being a mom is my number one priority. I have an amazing job, and I worked really hard to get where I am, and I love it, but I always say that when it doesn't work out for my family, that's when I'm out," Tracy proclaims. 

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Nevertheless, she says that her children and husband understand her job requirements. To Times Union in 2016, she shares, "I'm so lucky. My husband (David Reichel) is as supportive as he can. He clears out his March for me. He understands. He tries to put off all the work dinners that he has. He knows it's going to be crunch time and there's a lot going on."

She feels her family is ready to face its duties during her absence in the busy seasons. "It's going to be a big juggling act, but my kids get it. They understand. This is what they've lived with for so long now, and, fortunately, that makes it a lot easier to go on the road. You know what, it really flies by. Before you know it, it's Final Four already, and I get some time off," she speaks of her busy seasonal duties in 2016.

Importantly, through it all, she credits her husband for giving her the space and comprehension to continue the job she loves the most. She also adds that he keeps his schedule flexible despite having a busy career himself and gets out of business dinner to take care of the children when she gets the busiest. She regards him as a supporting husband and a role model to their three sons.

To Sports Talk Flordia in 2019, Wolfson discloses that her husband took the kids to school every day and spent time with the children on weekends. 

She adds, "I couldn't do it without my husband's support… I'm so lucky. My husband (David Reichel) is as supportive as he can. He clears out his March for me. He understands. He tries to put off all the work dinners that he has. He knows it's going to be crunch time and there's a lot going on."

Tracy Wolfson With Her Husband & Sons
Tracy Wolfson wished her husband in 2021 Fathers Day. With her sons and husband in the picture. (Source: Instagram)

On the Father's Day Instagram post in 2021, Tracy captions:

"Happy Father's Day to the best Husband and Father!! You are a loving dad, a great role model for our boys and all those you coach and the most caring partner who supports me in all that I do. You deserve to be celebrated today!!

We love you so much!"

Wolfson also reveals that her parents, Jerome, a consultancy firm owner, and Josephine Wolfson, an art teacher, have always supported her even though they are not from a sports background. Because of the nature of her profession, her parents usually miss their daughters on good old holidays such as Thanksgiving, but the flame of love in the family never dies.

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In addition to that, Wolfson credits her community and friends who fill in for her during emergency reportings. She explains to the Jewish Standard in 2016 that she often asks her friends to pick up her children, accompany them for a certain duration, or give them a ride. 

"I can’t tell you what a morning is like when I’m on the road. It is 5 a.m., I’m in San Francisco, and I check in with my sons, I check in to school. I have a great nanny who lives with us — I couldn’t do it otherwise — and it is constant texting with all my friends. ‘Can you pick my son up?’ ‘Who needs a play date?’ ‘Who’s going to the birthday party?’ It’s constant,” she admits.

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