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NBC Reality Singing and Song Competition

American Song Contest | Biography

American Song Contest features one solo artist/singer or duo or a group of not more than six members as representatives of each of the 50 US States. In addition, it incorporates five participants from each of the five US territories and one from the capital, Washington D.C making a total of 56 participants.

American Song Contest is an American reality television series on NBC. It is an eight-week competition involving 56 contestants representing the 50 US States, five territories, and Washington D.C.

How Does the 'American Song Contest' Work?

American Song Contest is a reality TV show, basically, a music competition involving a total of 56 participants. It features one solo artist/singer or duo or a group of not more than six members as representatives of each of the 50 US States. In addition, it incorporates five participants from each of the five US territories and one from the capital, Washington D.C.

The show’s plot is modeled on the mega-successful TV series Eurovision Song Contest also known as ESC. For all our readers unfamiliar with ESC, it is an international songwriting competition featuring mostly European countries. American Song Contest also follows a format similar to ESC.

The competition involves a total of three rounds incorporating eight episodes. The first round is the qualifying round in which 56 participants are divided into five groups. Each group consisting of 11 or 12 performs their new original songs on each of the show's first five episodes. 

After each episode, the 56-member jury directly selects one representative to advance to the next round, i.e., the semi-finals. In addition, the combined effort of the jury and viewers’ voting determines three other contestants from each group to move forward to the next round.

After all the qualifying round episodes are over, the jury will again vote for two redemption songs to participate in the semi-finals. Thus, in total, 22 participants get a chance to compete for the spot in the grand finale.

The 22 semi-finalists are divided into two groups of 11 for the two semi-final episodes. Again, the same procedure as the qualifying round is implemented to send ten representatives to the grand final. The jury selects one finalist from each round. The remaining finalists are decided by the combined efforts of the jury and public voting.

What Does the Winner of the 'American Song Contest' Get?

According to NBC Insider, the winning song of the show will be awarded the Best Original Song title. Apart from it, the show has not yet announced any other prizes for the winner.

When is the Airing Time of the Show in the US?

The reality song competition, American Song Contest, airs on the NBC channel on Monday nights at 8 pm. It had initially premiered its opening episode on 21 March 2022. 

Who is Hosting the 'American Song Contest?'

The American Song Contest has hired two very famous personalities as its host and presenter. The first host is the famous American rapper and actor Snoop Dogg. Similarly, the second host of the show is Kelly Clarkson, best known as the winner of American Idol Season 1 and the singing coach of the reality show, The Voice.

Both Snoop Dogg and Kelly Clarkson shared their excitement about hosting the American version of the Eurovision Song Contest. In an interview with, Kelly said,

“I have been a fan and love the concept of Eurovision and am thrilled to bring the musical phenomenon to America. I’m so excited to work with Snoop and can’t wait to see every state and territory represented by Artists singing their own songs.”

Snoop added to her statement and said,

“I am honored to host American Song Contest alongside my lil sis Kelly Clarkson, aka Miss Texas."

American Song Contest Hosts
American Song Contest Hosts Snoop Dogg and Kelly Clarkson (Photo: Instagram)

Know The Semi-Finalists of the 'American Song Contest' and Their Songs

As of now, the American Song Contest is well underway in the semi-final stage. The semi-final 1 aired on 25 April 2022. At the end of the first semi-final episode, the jury announced the show’s first finalist representative as Allen Stone, representing Washington D.C. The other four finalists will be notified once the public voting results are out.

Similarly, the second semi-final episode, i.e., semi-final 2, will air on NBC on 2 May 2022. After that, the grand finale will be held on 9 May 2022.

Below is the full list of 22 semi-finalists, the states they represent, and their songs.

  • Allen Stone (Washington D.C) - 'A Bit of Both'
  • Jordan Smith (Kentucky) - 'Sparrow'
  • Riker Lynch (Colorado) - 'Feel the Love'
  • Mari (New Hampshire) - 'Fly'
  • Ni/Co (Alabama) - 'The Difference'
  • Ryan Charles (Wyoming) - 'New Boot Goofin'
  • Hueston (Rhode Island) - 'Held On Too Long'
  • Jonah Prill (Montana) - 'Fire It Up'
  • Ada LeAnn (Michigan) - 'Natalie'
  • Jared Lee (Massachusetts) - 'Shameless'
  • AleXa (Oklahoma) - 'Wonderland'
  • Tenelle (American Samoa) - 'Full Circle'
  • Sweet Taboo (California) - 'Keys to the Kingdom'
  • Michael Bolton (Connecticut) - 'Beautiful World'
  • Stela Cole (Georgia) - 'DIY'
  • Broderick Jones (Kansas) - 'Tell Me'
  • Enisa (New York) - 'Green Light'
  • John Morgan (North Carolina) - 'Right in the Middle'
  • Chloe Fredericks (North Dakota) - 'Can’t Make You Love Me'
  • Christian Pagan (Puerto Rico) - 'Loko'
  • Tyler Braden (Tennessee) - 'Seventeen'
  • Grant Knoche (Texas) - 'Mr. Independent'

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