Ronnie Mund | Biography
Ronnie Mund | Biography

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  • Full Name Ronald Mund
  • Nickname Ronnie Mund
  • Occupation Radio personality, Limo Driver
  • Nationality American
  • Birthplace USA
  • Birth Date Oct 28, 1949
  • Age 74 Years, 6 Months
  • Net Worth $500 thousand (Celebrity Net Worth)
Cast of 'The Howard Stern Show'

Ronnie Mund | Biography

Appeared in 'U.S. Open Sores' (TV movie 1989) & 'Howard Stern' (TV series 2004)

Mund started working as Howard Stern's security personnel and driver in 1986 when he was recruited to drive Stern to a meeting in Connecticut. It was supposed to be a one-time job, but Stern liked Mund so much that he hired him full-time.

Ronnie Mund, better known as Ronnie the Limousine Driver, is a radio personality well known for his appearance in The Howard Stern Show.

Short Bio

Ronnie Mund is an American professional limo driver and radio personality. He was born Ronald Mund on 28 October 1949, in the USA. 

Mund was a former air force staff sergeant, and later, he started working for a limousine service. After that, Mund began working in The Howard Stern Show as a chauffeur and bodyguard for Howard Stern. He started driving for Stern in 1986 and quickly rose to prominence as a popular character on The Howard Stern Show

He is well-known for his quirky sayings, quick temper, and constant appearance in strip clubs. He also acts as a spokesperson for the gentleman's club franchise, Rick's Cabaret. 

Later, at Sirius Radio, he became the head of security for the Stern show studio and offices. 

Besides, Mund has also appeared in reality TV shows and movies like U.S. Open Sores (TV movie 1989), Howard Stern (TV series 2004), Dice Undisputed (TV series 2007), America's Got Talent (TV series 2012). 

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Furthermore, as an actor, he was also cast in My Man Is a Loser (movie 2014), Limitless (TV series 2016), The Perfect Murder (TV series 2018), and more.

Girlfriend Stephanie Carney

Mund is currently in a relationship with his fiancée, Stephanie Carney. She is a veterinarian who is 33 years younger than him. 

The pair have been dating for 14 years, and first met in a bar where Carney worked. In 2007, Mund threw a big birthday party for Carney, which, according to them, was their first date.

Mund then proposed to Stephanie in 2016 live on The Howard Stern Show over the phone. "Open up my closet in the office room... Take out the right sneaker... Take out the box that's in the right sneaker and it says 'Steven Singer' on it... Open up the box," he said at the time.

Later, Carney disclosed he hadn't officially asked her to marry him or had a comparable talk on the same show.

He stated in 2021 that he had purchased a and planned to move out West with Carney. However, there are no insights into their marriage as of now. 

Ronnie Mund with Fiancé Stephanie Carney
Ronnie Mund his Fiancé Stephanie Carney (Photo: Instagram)

Howard Stern and Ronnie Mund

Howard Stern is a popular American radio and television personality born on 12 January 1954 in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York. 

Mund started working as Howard Stern's security personnel and driver in 1986 when he was recruited to drive Stern to a meeting in Connecticut. It was supposed to be a one-time job, but Stern liked Mund so much that he hired him full-time. 

Stern signed a five-year deal with SiriusXM Satellite Radio at the end of 2015, ensuring  "obscene antics" from Stern and Mund, who has since become a radio star.

Reminiscing his decisions and no interest in becoming a radio jock, Mund said, "I never wanted to be famous. I just wanted to drive Howard. Then [one day in the mid-'90s], I heard [late comedian] Sam Kinison on the show and didn’t like a prank he had pulled. I called the hotline and really got into it with Sam."

On the show as well, they are known to have a bonding relationship. On one occasion, Stern commented on Mund's driving skill saying that he drove like 'an old lady'. On another occasion, Mund praised Stern's laid-back attitude even with his superstar fame and told, "As a boss, Howard is great. You don’t have to do the deal of opening the door for him. He’s a regular guy."


Mund put his famous house on the market for $916,000 in April 2021. He owns the house with his son Brian which he bought in 1994 for $390,000. Mund's ex-wife Bonnie Mund also shared ownership of the house until 2008. 

The ranch house was built in 1960 and is on a private dead-end street which includes detached three-bedroom and 1.5-bathroom. The interior is decorated with a variety of blue shades. 

The house has a living room, sitting chairs, and dining space with a light fixture overhead, measuring 1,144 square feet. It also boasts a bright yellow eat-in kitchen with black laminate worktops, white cabinetry, and a leaded glass-windowed door leading to the backyard.

Furthermore, when Mund announced his move on The Howard Stern Show Stern mentioned that he shall miss Mund. He said, "Those of us here in New York will be sad to see Ronnie go, but I understand what you’re up to, and I support it."

Mund now with Stephanie Carney at the Queen's residence. Some sites have also claimed that Mund retired to his residence in Las Vegas. 

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