Luh Kel | Biography

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  • Full Name Turran Coleman
  • Nickname Luh Kel
  • Birth Date May 20, 2002
  • Age 22 Years, 1 Months
  • Nationality American
  • Birthplace St. Louis, Missouri
  • Occupation American R&B Singer
American R&B Singer Best Known For 'Wrong'

Luh Kel | Biography

Hip Hop Singer

Kel started singing when he was only two years old and later began making music when he was in his early teenage years. Moreover, at 14 years of age, he joined St. Louis-based band ProjectX as their lead vocalist.

Luh Kel is an American hip hop artist. He first rose to and worldwide fame after his single 'Wrong' received massive applauds in the internet.

Who is Luh Kel?

Luh Kel is a rising American R&B singer born under his real name Turran Coleman in St. Louis, Missouri, on 20 May 2002. Other than his birth information, he is yet to disclose his family details and other early life aspects to the public or the media.

Kel started singing when he was only two years old and later began making music when he was in his early teenage years. Moreover, at 14 years of age, he joined St. Louis-based band ProjectX as their lead vocalist. Before joining them, he also performed at several local events and programs in St. Louis.

Kel also frequently posted his music and songs on his personal Instagram handle @lifewluhkel. In early 2019, he dropped a snippet of his song 'Wrong' on his Instagram, which made him an internet sensation. Later, after its release, it found a spot in the 39th position of the Hot R&B and Hip Hop Charts. He also collaborated with the famous American Music Group Cinematic for the music video for Wrong. 

Reportedly, Cinematic CEO and producer Jonny Snipes and music producer 11VN approached Kel for music collaboration. He signed a deal with them and worked with them on several projects. In June 2019, Kel talked about his experience working with Jonny Snipes and 11VN at Cinematic in an interview with The KnockTurnal. When asked by the journalist about how his experience was, he said,

“It’s good, it's like a family vibe. I always got a say in what I do, and it’s always up-tempo, it’s always a happy vibe and they love to work and I love to work too, so it’s just matching vibes.”

To date, Kel has released two studio albums. He launched his first full album, Mixed Emotions, in November 2019 and later dropped his second album L.O.V.E in October 2020. His first album’s song 'Wrong' received a Platinum Certification by RIAA (Recording Industry Association by America). Similarly, his songs 'BRB' and 'Pull Up,' also from his first album, earned a Gold Certification from RIAA.

Luh Kel in 2022
Luh Kel in 2022 (Photo: Instagram)

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L.O.V.E, aka Loss of Valuable Emotions, is the second and the latest album by young R&B artist Luh Kel. He first released this 4-track project on 23 October 2020. The album included songs 'How to Love,' 'Want You,' 'Real,' and 'Y.O.U.'

Rated R&B interviewed Kel about his latest album around a month after its release in November 2020. In the interview, he talked about the emotions and inspirations behind the songs in the album. His work is based on his past experience of losing love and the things he has gone through. He said, “I’ve been through it a long time ago, so I’m still speaking about things that I used to go through.’

Less than a month after dropping his second album L.O.V.E, Kel released its deluxe version with four new tracks. One of those tracks included his biggest budget music video, 'Feen,' featuring the American rapper Trippie Redd. He talked with Uproxx in November 2020 about getting Trippie Redd in for the project. He said,

“I got Trippie Redd on it. I felt like it matched his vibe, so we sent him the song. He got on it. Sent it back and we started shooting the video. This is my biggest budget video.”

Is Famous Ocean and Luh Kel Dating? Girlfriend 2022

As of 2022, there is no verified information on Kel’s dating and relationship status. However, he dated the young American rap artist Famous Ocean, real name Kayla, in 2020. She is a rapper best known for her song 'Savage' which she made with her sister Kung Fu.

Sometime in 2020, Ocean alleged her former boyfriend Kel cheated on her with another female rapper Toni Soleil aka ObeyToni. She caught Kel with Toni in bed despite Kel promising her that he was not interested in her. Her deleted Instagram story read,

“Man y’all I know ion get out of my character, but kel plays victim on Instagram but was laid up naked in the bed with Toni .. they been playing victim months ago they tried to prank me but I knew sum wasn’t right with them they would always say WE just FRIENDS.”

In response to Ocean’s allegations, Kel later posted an Instagram story explaining his side of the event. He claimed that he and Ocean had already split for around a month before he was seeing Toni.

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