Karol Markowicz | Biography

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  • Full Name Karol Markowitz
  • Birth Date Undisclosed
  • Nationality Russian
  • Birthplace Soviet Union
  • Occupation Journalist, Columnist
  • Relationship Status Married
  • Husband Name undisclosed
  • Net Worth Undisclosed
Russian Contract Journalist

Karol Markowicz | Biography

Worked for Time, USA Today, & The Observer

Karol Markowicz is currently a New York Post and Fox News columnist.

Who is Karol Markowitz?

Karol Markowitz is a contract journalist born in the Soviet Union and raised in Brooklyn. She has contributed to Time, USA Today, The Observer, Heat Street, Federalist, and The Daily Beast, among other publications.

As of 2022, she serves as a columnist for the New York Post and Fox News. 

About Her Parents

There is little information about her parents as she keeps her personal life private. However, in an interview with Time in 2014, Markowitz talked about her parents.

She mentioned her father had been a doctor and her mother a teacher in Russia. However, after they relocated to Brooklyn, her father drove a cab, and her mother knitted yarmulkes for the local Judaica store.

Markowitz also said, "My parents had spent their lives looking at maps of the world and planning where they would go when they were free. We were poor, but they saved all of their money for the traveling we would do."

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Keeps Her Personal Life With Her Husband & Kids Private

Markowitz is married, but she has not yet revealed her husband's name. The couple also has kids together.

In December 2021, Markowitz and her kids relocated to Florida, saying, "I am leaving New York City, the place where my husband and I both grew up and where we had planned to raise our own kids. The response to COVID-19 in New York, in particular where children are concerned, has driven our family out."

According to The New York Post, Markowitz said, "The pandemic hit New York early and hard. Still, I had so much faith we would recover. I imagined that my city would rise from the ashes like we did after 9/11, after the 2003 blackout, after Hurricane Sandy."

She continued, "We learned from those hard times to join together, to help each other. The days after those events were some of the most beautiful and inspiring. New Yorkers were there for each other. Our huge city was as tightknit as any small town."

Markowitz also mentioned that when she announced they were leaving New York and moving to Florida, she got dozens of messages from people in New York who were thinking about making the same decision.

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