Carl Bernstein | Biography

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  • Full Name Carl Milton Bernstein
  • Birth Date Feb 14, 1944
  • Age 80 Years, 2 Months
  • Ethnicity White
  • Nationality American
  • Birthplace Washington DC, USA
  • Zodiac Sign Aquarius
  • Occupation Journalist, Author
  • Relationship Status Married
  • Wife Christine Kuehbeck
  • Wedding Date 2003
  • Net Worth Undisclosed
  • Ex-Spouses Nora Ephron (m. 1976 to 1980) and Carol Honsa (m. 1968 to 1972)
American Author and Investigative Journalist

Carl Bernstein | Biography

Former partner of the journalist Bob Woodward

Carl Bernstein is a journalist, author, and former partner of the journalist Bob Woodward.

Who is Carl Bernstein? 

Born on 14 February 1944, Carl Milton Bernstein is an American author and investigative journalist born and raised in Washington, DC.

He began his journalism career in Washington, DC, as a copyboy at 16 and rose through the ranks to become a reporter at 19.

Bernstein worked as a reporter for The Diamondback, the school's independent daily, at the University of Maryland, College Park. However, after the fall 1964 semester, he was dismissed from the university for poor grades.

In 1965, Bernstein began working as a full-time reporter for the Elizabeth Daily Journal in New Jersey. He left New Jersey in 1966 to work for The Washington Post, covering all aspects of local news and establishing himself as one of the paper's best writers.

Bernstein, the author of five best-selling books, is working on a memoir about growing up at The Evening Star, a Washington newspaper during the Kennedy administration, and a dramatic HBO television series about the United States Congress as of late 2019. 

Moreover, Bernstein's parents struggled to prove their innocence during the McCarthy era, and he wrote a memoir about it.

Bob Woodward And Carl Bernstein 

Bob Woodward and Bernstein broke the Watergate story for The Washington Post in the early 1970s, for which the duo and The Post were awarded the Pulitzer Prize.

The Watergate story led to President Richard Nixon's resignation and raised the bar for modern investigative reporting. Bernstein was the first to suspect President Nixon was behind the burglary and discovered a laundered check linking Nixon to the crime.

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The revelations of Bernstein and Woodward led to more investigations into Nixon, and on 9 August 1974, amid House Judiciary Committee hearings, Nixon resigned to avoid impeachment.

Bernstein and Bob Woodward wrote a nonfiction book called 'All the President's Men,' released in 1974, two months before Nixon resigned and two years after the Watergate burglary. The book details their perspectives as journalists covering the break-in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters in the Watergate complex in Washington, D.C., on 17 June 1972.

Bob Woodward And Carl Bernstein
Bob Woodward And Carl Bernstein in 2022 (Photo: Twitter)

In addition, the book also recounts the subsequent Watergate scandal that they exposed through their investigative reporting, which won the Washington Post a Pulitzer Prize in 1973. The scandal eventually engulfed several key members of the Republican Party and President Richard Nixon's administration, leading to Nixon's resignation on 9 August 1974. The novel was later made into a film in 1976.

Following 'All the President's Men,' Woodward and Bernstein wrote 'The Final Days' (1976), a sequel focused on Nixon's final months in office.

Even though Bernstein and Woodward collaborated to bring the Watergate scandal to the world's attention, they had very distinct personalities.

They had different work styles as well. Because Woodward's strength was in the investigation, he concentrated on the Watergate scandal. Other journalists called them a "perfect team" because of their different styles.

Who is Bernstein's Spouse?

Bernstein and his wife, Christine Kuehbeck, married in 2003 and live in New York. They have two sons, Max Bernstein, and Jacob Bernstein one a journalist and the other a rock musician.

He was previously married to Nora Ephron from 1976 to 1980 and  Carol Honsa from 1968 to 1972.

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