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  • Full Name Lauren Simonetti
  • Nationality American
  • Occupation Business Reporter at FBN
  • University Columbia University
  • Relationship Status Married
  • Husband Mark Cubrilo
  • Wedding Date October 2015
  • Net Worth Undisclosed
  • Children Three
Business Reporter at FBN

Lauren Simonetti | BIography

Co-Anchor of FBN:5AM

Lauren Simonetti is a business news anchor and reporter at FOX Business Network. She has also formerly worked at CNN in different capacities like news writer, anchor, and associate producer. 

Who is Lauren Simonetti?

Lauren Simonetti is an American news anchor and business reporter. She has not disclosed her age and exact date of birth yet. However, on 11 April 2014, she shared a birthday card on her Instagram handle @laurensimonetti. It suggests she observes her birthday each year on 11 April.

Simonetti currently anchors FBN:AM, which airs on Fox Business Network at 5 AM on weekdays. She joined the Fox Business Network as their field producer in September 2007. After four years working in that capacity, Simonetti made it as a reporter on the channel in September 2011. At FBN, she has been part of several major economic and financial news like Lehman Brothers’ Bankruptcy news, IPO news of major companies like Facebook and Twitter, the 2008 Financial Crisis, Gulf Oil Spill, etc.

Before joining FBN in 2007, Simonetti worked at CNN as an associate producer covering business news and major international headlines. In addition, she also contributed as a business news writer for CNN.

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She is Married to Her Husband Mark Cubrilo

The Fox News anchor, Simonetti, has been married to her work colleague Mark Cubrilo for over six years now. He is associated with the Fox News Channel as their satellite and field engineer.

Initially, Simonetti and Cubrilo knew each other casually as co-workers of the same organization. Later, he invited her and other Fox News employees for a Halloween dinner at his home. 

However, nobody showed up that night except for Simonetti. It was then the pair first felt attraction towards each other. But, they both hesitated to get romantically involved as they both thought it was not right to date someone from work.

Later, one day, during an after-work gathering in the office, Cubrilo’s brother disclosed a secret that Cubrilo had a crush on Simonetti. The revelation worked as a firm base for both of them to break the ice. They then went out on their first date, which they called “Just Lunch.”

Eventually, the dates turned into a promising relationship, and they tied wedding knots in October 2015. As of now, Simonetti and her husband Cubrilo have completed over six years as a married couple and are blessed with three beautiful kids, two daughters, and a son.

Lauren Simonetti Baby
Lauren Simonetti With Her Daughters Rae & Celia and Son MJ in 2021 (Photo: Instagram)

Simonetti’s eldest daughter was born in October 2015 and is six years old now. Similarly, her middle child, son MJ, is four, and her youngest baby, Celia, has recently turned one year old in February 2022.

Lauren Simonetti’s Tattoos

On 30 April 2015, Simonetti shared a tweet about tattoos on her official Twitter handle, @SimonettiLauren. She gushed, “If you have a tattoo on your wrist - you may want to steer clear of the #AppleWatch.”

After the tweet, several of her fans and followers have constantly inquired about her tattoos. However, as of today, she has not announced about having any such tattoo designs on her.

What is Lauren Simonetti’s Net Worth in 2022?

As of June 2022, authentic websites have not published reports about Simonetti’s exact net worth figures. However, with more than 15 years of experience in reporting, her primary income comes from journalism.

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