Tom Ellis | Biography 2021

Tom Ellis | Biography 2021

Welsh actor Tom Ellis is best known for his leading role as Lucifer Morningstar in a popular TV show called ‘Lucifer.’ In 2019, the show smashed the record as TV Time’s most-watched streaming series. 

Who is Tom Ellis?

Tom Ellis launched his career as an actor in 2000 in the British sitcom ‘Kiss Me Kate.’ Over the years, he has starred in many popular TV shows, including the American network series ‘Rush,’ ‘The Place We Go to Hide,’ ‘Miss Conception’ and ‘Lucifer.’

Family & Siblings

Born in November of 1978 to a Baptist minister father and a music teacher mother, Tom Ellis grew up in Cardiff, Wales as the only brother to three sisters. 

At a very young age, he began to develop interests in performing arts. He mastered trumpet and upgraded to the French Horn. He would enjoy playing in orchestras all of his teenage years.  

Ellis even took part in a nativity play, but his father did not allow him to take more significant roles. 

“I was in a nativity play, but being a son of the pastor, I was never allowed to play Joseph or any of the big parts for political reason, answered Ellis to the Interview Magazine in 2015.

Early Bio & Education 

Ellis went to High Storrs School in Sheffield to earn his early education. He was first introduced to theatre studies when his teacher, Claire Pender, asked him to be part of a school play. It was only after this moment that he dabbled in theatre arts at the Crucible theatres. 

This experience of performing on shows at the Crucible theatre encouraged him to pursue his career in acting. 

Dedicating his life to acting, Ellis spent most of his early days studying drama in Scotland. After earning his bachelor’s degree in Dramatic Studies at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, he began looking for opportunities.

Early career

Inspired by his best friend, James McAvoy—who had appeared in several renowned credits in television and films such as ‘Shameless,’ ‘State Of Play,’ and ‘Atonement—he too sought to achieve great success. 

When Ellis left the drama school, he was comparing his success to the McAvoy’s. He felt he was making strides in the right direction, yet he wanted to achieve more. Eventually, Ellis began to work on more projects and gradually realized to accept his journey as it was. 

At the age of 22, he landed his first acting role and made a debut in the British television show ‘Kiss Me, Kate.’ This series, which ran from 1998 to 2000, drew attention to his skills as an actor. 

With this strong introduction in the television industry, Ellis took on distinct roles in various shows over the years, including ‘No Angels,’ ‘Hartley Street,’ ‘EastEnders,’ ‘The Passion,’ and ‘Monday Monday.’ With every role he played, Ellis gradually started rising to fame. 

In 2009, he made a breakthrough with his character Gary Preston in the BBC series ‘Miranda.’ 

The show, which spanned for four seasons from 2009 throughout 2015, was based on a character named Miranda, a socially awkward comedienne who often finds herself in bizarre situations. In the series, Ellis appears as Miranda’s love interest.  


In 2016, the actor joined the cast of the American TV series, ‘Lucifer,’ in the titular role by the same name. The show would eventually become his biggest acting success ever.

In the series based on the graphic novels by Neil Gaiman, he can be seen playing the role of Lucifer, who is a bisexual. He is a fallen angel and the ‘Lord of Hell’ residing in Los Angeles. The story revolves around Lucifer, who finds himself solving criminal cases working closely with an LAPD detective. 

“This is the biggest character I’ve ever had to play both in terms of him being larger than life and him being the Devil...,” he said to Belfasttelegraph in 2016. 

Tom Ellis Net Worth

According to Celebritynetworth, Ellis’ estimated net worth is around $6 million. 

Interesting Facts

1. Tom Ellis has a twin sister whose name is Lucy. The name has coincidently matched with a short form of his character name on ‘Lucifer.’

2. Tom Ellis has been married to Meghan Oppenheimer. His wife is an American screenwriter who was last known to be professionally working with American actress Reese Witherspoon in the television series ‘Please Don’t Go’ from 2015to 2016. The former had written the story of the show, whereas the latter was directing the show.

3. Before his marriage to Oppenheimer, Ellis was married to English actress Tamzin Outhwaite from 2006 to 2014.

4. While Ellis has played the devil himself in ‘Lucifer,’ he comes from a Christian family. 

“My dad’s a pastor. My uncle’s a pastor. My sister’s a pastor. I grew up on the very human side of Christianity, so messages in the household I grew up in were about peace, love and being understanding of everybody, which I think is quite cool...,” said Ellis.

“And with regard to this [Ellis playing Lucifer], they’re all super-excited I’m doing it,” Ellis added about how his role as the devil has not affected the affinity of their family to their religion.

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