Madeline Carroll | Biography 2021

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  • Full Name Madeline Carroll
  • Occupation Actress
  • Nationality America
  • Birthplace California, USA
  • Birth Date Mar 18, 1996
  • Age 25 Years, 8 Months
Juli Baker in the Romantic Comedy-Drama Film 'Flipped'

Madeline Carroll | Biography 2021

Shannon in the Christian Biographical Drama Film 'I Can Only Imagine'

After actress Madeline Carroll turned 16, Carroll started receiving roles in mature plotlines that demanded intemperate behaviors and nudity. As she was not comfortable acting in such movies, she rejected many movies and often changed agencies. Carroll was about to quit before she got to work in alignment with faith, portraying films such as God Bless the Broken Road (2018) and I can only Imagine (2018). 

Madeline Carroll is an American actress known for her roles in Swing Vote (2008) and Flipped (2010).  

Who is Madeline Carroll?

Carroll’s career began as a model at the age of three before being discovered by her theatrical agent “Wendy” in a nail shop in Sherman Oaks. After that, she started acting in theatres.  

When Carroll was modeling for commercials in her childhood, her parents drove her to shoots. She now remembers those moments as one of the fun parts of her childhood. 

Eventually, Caroll got minor roles in tv series, movies and gradually landed the first lead role in Swing Vote (2008) alongside Kevin Costner. The film changed her impact in the acting community, and she started receiving back-to-back roles in movies. She was only twelve years old then.

After Swing Vote, Carroll continued doing minor roles in tv series such as Grey’s Anatomy (2008), The Cleaner (2009), Cold Case (2003-2009, two episodes), Lie to Me (2009). In 2009, she also did a voice-over for an animated action-comedy movie Astro (2009). Following that year, she worked in the comedy-drama film Flipped. In 2011, she acted in R.L. Stine’s TV series The Haunting Hour: Nightmare Inn, Marc Erlbaum’s TV movie Cafe, Marc Forster’s biographical action drama film  Machine Gun Preacher, and Mark Waters’s family comedy film Mr. Popper’s Penguins.  

After she got to age 16, Carroll started receiving roles in mature plotlines that demanded intemperate behaviors and nudity. As she was not comfortable acting in such movies, she rejected many movies and often changed agencies. Carroll was about to quit before she got to work in alignment with faith, portraying films such as God Bless the Broken Road (2018) and I Can Only Imagine (2018). 

Her latest movie is I Still Believe (2020), where she explored her screenwriting prowess alongside Jon Erwin and Jon Gunn. The movie tells the tale of Jeremy Camp, an award-winning Christian singer, and his first marriage to Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp, who died less than a year after they married in 2001.

In a promotional interview of the movie, she said, “The biggest thing I can say is, God is so faithful. He is so faithful to our dreams. That was something I had desired for a little while, but I never knew how it was going to happen or how I was going to get there. Each step I took, the Lord literally just made the path clear before me.”

Early Life

Carroll was born on 18 March 1996 in Los Angeles, California. She was raised in a Christian family and grew among her three siblings - two younger brothers and one older brother. She is closer to her mother than her father and went to a private school.

Carroll was three years old when she was discovered by a theatrical talent agent in a nail salon in Sherman Oaks. She began establishing her career after that. Though her parents were not from the film background, they encouraged her acting endeavors.

Reminiscing her childhood, Carroll added, “And when I was younger, I loved it. It was just fun, it was like my soccer or baseball, my mom would drive me to all these different additions and just the favor of the Lord, I was used to working. Looking back now I realize how much it was God because as you get older it obviously gets harder. But I had a lot of favor, a lot of opportunities.”


In the 2010 film Flipped, Caroll portrayed Juli Baker, an adventurous character who is the love interest of Bryce Loski, played by Callan McAuliffe.  At the time, Carroll and McAuliffe were 14 and 15 years old, respectively, and this rom-com film featured a young love tale of these two characters. Despite Carroll's portrayal as a young lover in the movie, she told Time Out Kids in 2010 that in real life she had three brothers and they would never let her build a love interest or even talk to boys. Furthermore, she told Teen Mag in 2010 that she could relate to her character Julie in real life. She played football with her brothers and climbed trees as a young child which resembled the outdoor preference of Juli. 

Rob Reiner, who directed Princess Bride, also directed Flipped, which is based on Wendelin Van Draanen’s amusing book. Madeline Carroll, Callan McAuliffe, Israel Broussard, and Stefanie Scott play the film’s main characters.


Carroll’s agency sent her the script for Flipped, which she instantly loved. She then forwarded it to her mother, who liked it as well. The script was not the only thing she liked, the movie's director Rob Reiner was also one of her favorites therefore, she didn't hesitate to audition for the role. She was the first girl to audition and was declared a cast member later the same day.

" I remember being in the car with my mom [when I found out] and screaming with excitement!", she told Teen Mag in 2010.


After ten years of filming the movie, the ensemble had a mini-reunion with Wendelin Van Draanen on Zoom for the film’s 10th anniversary in 2020. The actors who played Juli and Bryce’s friends, Stefanie Scott and Israel Broussard, were also in attendance.

Turning Down Nudity 

As she grew older, she got offers in more explicit teenage roles that demanded bad behavior and nudity. As she was often doing the parts of a young daughter, Carroll did not find them comfortable. She even rejected a superhero movie for the same reason. The film did not require her to be auditioned for the role and offered a significant amount of money.

Carroll has mentioned in several interviews that her faith and morals wouldn’t guide her to compromise for her career. She shared, “And then I hit 15 and my career was really, really taken off and I had just started promoting or finished promoting actually, a movie called Machine Gun Preacher. And that year turned 16, that whole year the opportunities that started coming my way were just things that I really wouldn’t want to do. All of a sudden I wasn’t really playing the daughter role anymore. I was going to be the teenager who wanted to sleep with people and wanted to have sex and all this stuff. And I was super, super uncomfortable. And I’ve always been a Christian, always loved the Lord, but even just my own morals, I didn’t want to do that. And I remember that whole year just being like, okay, well we’ll just wait for the next one, wait for the next one, we’ll wait for the next one.”

Caroll shares that her agents were furious when she started declining roles. She, however, states that as a Christian, she desires to please God. Carroll says that she hung up the phone, crawled into the bathroom, and cried out to God for help whenever she struggled.

Hence, Carroll took very limited roles during her teenage years. She accepted the roles that made her feel comfortable. She also struggled with her agent and had to change her agency three times as she was getting similar roles that went against her morals. During those times, her handful of roles included the short series Shit Italian Moms Say (2012), Morgan Freeman’s The Magic of Belle Isle (2012), TV series Scandal (2014), tv movie Blink (2013), and Zero Tolerance (2017).

Eventually, Carroll was ready to quit acting and was about to call her agent. But then she received a calling from the God Bless the Broken Road (2018) crew and took the role.

After that, she acted in another blockbuster movie, I can only Imagine (2018), which changed her mind about quitting.

‘I Can Only Imagine’

I Can Only Imagine, which she starred in in 2018, tells how Christian Rock band MercyMe’s Bart Millard was inspired to write its chart-topping song ‘I Can Only Imagine’ by learning about faith and forgiveness. The film is based on the relationship between MercyMe member Bart Millard and his violent father. 

Shannon, Bart’s adolescent love (and eventual wife), is played by Madeline Carroll and Carroll says the movie was a dream come true for her. “I feel like the whole film has this peace about it that is so wonderful. I had the best time. I couldn’t have asked for a better set to be on, especially from having taken a break for so long to come back and do a film was really so special and beautiful for me.”

Two months before she earned the part in the film, she had planned to quit acting. She didn’t believe God intended for her to work in the industry. She was ready to quit acting, but a text message from Harold Cronk, the director of the God’s Not Dead films—who remembered her from a year ago when she came in for an audition—changed her mind. The director asked if she wanted to participate in his next faith-based film. “I was ready to walk away, went into my bathroom, had this whole meltdown and was like “Lord, I don’t understand, this is all I know, this is all I’ve been doing, this is my dream, I said “If this isn’t what you want of me anymore, then just let me know, I’m ready to walk away. Literally the next day I got a text message from a director asking me to be in his next faith-based film and I cried so hard. and I told that director that he was being used to answer my prayers,” she shares. 

After she met the creators of I Can Only Imagine, Carroll found her interest in acting and faith realigned. She said, “The first people [Erwin Brothers] I had ever come in contact with that … wanted to do what I wanted to do. It is so rare… It’s time for Hollywood to wake up! There are people out there like me, like you, that want to do something for His glory.”

Subsequently, in 2019 she did a short drama, Then & Now (2019). The following year, she appeared in I Still Believe (2020).

‘Beautifully Flawed’

Beautifully Flaweda biopic and drama hybrid, is presently in post-production as of August 2021. The series's plotline revolves around the protagonist Shari, played by Sophia Ntovas. The narrative opens in Hollywood, where Shari and her family have arrived to pursue her childhood aspiration of becoming a superstar and furthermore, establish a new life. People around her, on the other hand, believe she is too old to pursue her ambitions now, and that her history is too tumultuous to truly realize the dream. However, soon after her arrival, she gets an opportunity for her first-ever role in an abortion-related film, but, her assent to the role designates a flashback on her sad history including murder, addiction, abuse, and her hidden secrets.

Carroll plays the role of Lynn on Beautifully Flawed. Lynn is a stripper who though portrays a harsh appearance has a soft heart. In the series, she watches after Shari as if she were her younger sister. Lynn has had a difficult and terrible past, and despite being a stripper, she is uninterested in it. She has no desire to be at a bar having a good time.

‘I Still Believe’

Carroll was the co-producer of the 2020 biopic movie, I Still Believe. She also co-wrote the screenplay for the movie alongside Jon Erwin and Jon Gunn. 

I Still Believe depicts actor K.J. Apa's portrayal of Christian music artist Jeremy Camp and his journey of love and grief with an emphasis on the hope that he found along the way. The movie was awarded as the ‘Inspirational Film of the Year 2020’ in the Dove Awards.


Carroll starred as Lily Davidson in the 2018 movie Pistachio, an adventure and drama amalgam. The film premises on the friendship of Lily and the horse Pistachio. Lily was dreading what the summer had in store for her until she met and established an enduring connection with a young horse called Pistachio. The movie's main takeaway is to expect the unexpected.

‘Resident Evil: Extinction’

Carroll played as White Queen in the 2007 movie Resident Evil: Extinction. The movie is a part of the Resident Evil franchise. 

Resident Evil: Extinction is a sci-fi film, which also has elements of action and horror and tells the story of survivors of the Raccoon City disaster who journey across the Nevada desert in the hopes of reaching Alaska. Milla Jovovich plays Alice, the protagonist, who joins the caravan in their struggle against the villainous Umbrella Corp in the movie.

‘The Spy Next Door’

The Spy Next Door, a 2010 action-comedy mix starring Carroll as Farren, was released in theaters in 2010. The movie's plot follows a former C.I.A. spy Bob Ho, played by Jackie Chan, as he takes on his most difficult mission, that is, watching after his next-door girlfriend's three children who haven't opened up their hearts to him yet.

Farren, Carroll's character, was one of the three kids Bob had to look after. Farren was a popular girl at school, and everyone admired her, but she struggled at home. She disliked her mother, and when Bob enters the scene, she would stop at nothing to thwart him.

Awards and Honors

In 2009, Carroll was nominated for the ‘Young Artist Award’ for ‘Best Performance in a Feature Film: Leading Young Actress’ for her role in Swing Vote. In 2019, she won an accumulative award with the cast of Then & Now (2019) in Madrid International Film Festival for ‘Best Short Comedy.’ The movie also earned her the ‘Best Short Film by Women’ at the Burbank International Film Festival.  

Net Worth

According to Celeb Net Worth, her net worth is $3 million.

Did You Know?

Carroll is smitten with Leonardo Di Caprio. Additionally, her dream role is to become a marvel superhero. She has a generous personality. She has a warm and kind demeanor. She enjoys giving back to others and credits Hollywood for teaching her how to be grounded and helpful.

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