Weston Koury | Biography

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  • Full Name Weston Koury
  • Occupation Social Media Influencer
  • Nationality American
  • Birthplace North Carolina, USA
  • Birth Date Jan 07, 2002
  • Age 22 Years, 6 Months
Social Media Star

Weston Koury | Biography

In 2018, Weston took to Twitter to announce that he had accidentally matched with his sister on the dating app Tinder.

On 8 February 2017, Weston and his sister, Kalynn, teamed up to start the 'Sinjin Drowning' YouTube channel. He received fame instantly, and he has been providing entertaining content to his audience since then.

Weston Koury is a social media celebrity popular for his humorous posts on YouTube and Instagram. Lately, he has been trending due to his music.

Who is Weston Koury?

Weston Koury is a budding musician and a social media celebrity. He makes humorous posts and a comedic persona which he initially started from YouTube. Lately, he has also been popular on Instagram, gathering over a million followers. 

Early Life 

Koury was born on 7 January 2002. He was born and raised in North Carolina with his older sister Kalynn. His sister and family members occasionally make appearances on his YouTube Channel. He is of American nationality and North American Ethnicity. 

From the age of 5, Koury was hooked on music. His parents sent him to the drum class to hone his skill. He also worked on his singing. His dedication and training kept refining his music skills through the years. Along with drums and vocals, Koury plays other instruments such as the triangle, accordion, and flute. 


Koury was a competitive swimmer before starting his career on Youtube. His favorite stroke was freestyle. In mid-2015, he first found a web following on YouNow, a broadcasting service where users stream their own live video content.

After gaining much popularity and fan following, Koury launched his merchandise, selling T-shirts and hoodies through his website Sinjin drowning. He has joined the Cameo celebrity app, where he provides his users with content for a certain charge. He also takes requests from the clients. 


Koury organized his first official ‘Meet and Greet,’ with his fans in Texas in November 2015, 4 months after he started as a YouNow broadcaster. Other talents like music artist Corbyn Besson and Social Media personality Alex From target also took part in the meet. 

On 8 February 2017, Weston and his sister, Kalynn, teamed up to start the Sinjin Drowning YouTube channel. He received fame instantly, and he has been providing entertaining content to his audience since then. 

Matching with Sister on Tinder

In 2018, Weston took to Twitter to announce that he had accidentally matched with his sister on the dating app Tinder. 


DigiTour, a media company that connects social media stars with large followings with devoted fans, organized a tour in 2016, in which Weston Koury took part along with Baby Ariel and Dylan Dauzat. It was a 28 city Tour. They were later joined by the TV series The Fosters, actor Jake T and a special guest, Rickey Thompson. 


Koury released the song 'George not found only fans,' in January 2021. Since then, the song has been trending on different social media platforms. The song is about women and the current hookup culture. 

Baby Ariel’s embarrassment

Social Media star and singer Baby Ariel opened up about an embarrassing moment she experienced through a Twitter post. Ariel was going through her menstrual cycle while on a trip and was getting ready to use a tampon for the very first time. 

As she didn’t know how to use it, she watched a tutorial. To everybody’s surprise, the video began playing through a speaker as her phone was connected to Bluetooth. Everyone on tour, including Weston Koury, heard the audio. 

Ariel still recalls the moment as an unforgettable one. Weston Koury posted the video he took while Ariel was in the bathroom and the tutorial was playing loud. 

Personal Life 

According to his Twitter, he currently lives in Austin, Texas. His horoscope is Capricorn.

There has been no information about his relationships on social media, which suggests that he is single. 

However, there were rumors that he had a relationship in the past, but it was not confirmed. Koury prefers to keep his personal and professional life separate. 

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