Schellea Fowler | Biography

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  • Full Name Schellea Fowler
  • Occupation Small Business Coach, Beauty Coach, Social Media Personality
  • Nationality Australian


Founder of the YouTube Channel fabulous50s

Schellea Fowler | Biography

Schellea Fowler launched her YouTube channel fabulous50s in July 2017. Due to her influential self-help videos, her channel has amassed over 1.26 million subscribers in just three years, and her videos have been viewed more than 91 million times as of August 2021. She also writes on health, fashion tips, and lifestyle on

Schellea Fowler is an Australian Lifestyle blogger and YouTuber known for her fabulous50s YouTube channel for women over 50 years old.

Who is Schellea Fowler?

Schellea Fowler is a founder and content creator of YouTube channel fabulous50s. Through her YouTube channel, Fowler provides health, fitness, beauty, and fashion tips to women in their 50's and beyond. Her channel has garnered over a million subscribers in just three years since its launch in 2017. Besides her successful Youtube channel, Fowler is a lifestyle/business coach. She had also pursued an entrepreneurial career for over a decade. 

How old is Schellea Fowler?

Schellea Fowler was born in the late 1960s. She was 54 years old as of March 2021.


Fowler began her career as an entrepreneur and had owned and operated several small businesses. She co-owned a cafe with her husband when she was 21 years old. In April 2002, Fowler founded Emerald Beach Holiday Park in Coffs Harbour, Australia. She owned and operated the Holiday Park for more than 13 years. 

Due to her successful career in the hospitality sector, Fowler served as New South Wales Tourism Ambassador from May 2009 to August 2015. In February 2015, she started working as a Small Business Coach and Mentor in Coffs Harbour, Australia. 

Training and Courses

While Fowler was still pursuing an entrepreneurial career, she took professional styling courses to pursue a different career path. In 2011, she received a certificate of Advanced Professional Styling from The Australian Style Institute in Fitzroy, Australia. The same year, Fowler took Absolute Colour System Training at The Academy of Professional Image in Doncaster East, Australia. She also took classes at Rae Morris Makeup Masterclass and Kathryn Kalisz, both in 2012.

Career as a Personal Stylist and Coach

After taking courses in styling, color system, and makeup, Fowler started her career as a personal stylist in March 2012. She was in her 40's at the time. A couple of years later, she began serving as a small business coach and life coach.

Fabulous 50s

In July 2017, Fowler launched her YouTube channel fabulous50s. However, her initial videos were not good and did not go well. Fowler then collaborated with a company called Girl Director to upgrade the quality of her YouTube videos. 

In her channel, Fowler has been posting videos on home workouts, health, beauty, and fashion tips for women over 50 years old. According to the channel's description, Fowler has created fabuous50s as "a platform where women can go to for inspiration, motivation, and gratitude about life in their 50s and beyond."

Due to her influential self-help videos, her YouTube channel has amassed over 1.26 million subscribers in just three years, and her videos have been viewed more than 91 million times as of August 2021.

Fowler is also a blogger and writes about health, nutrition, beauty, fitness, lifestyle, and fashion on


Fowler also has created two e-books such as 'Guide To Meditation' and 'Guide To Staying Younger Longer.' 

Fowler's Views about Success

After more than three decades of her successful career, Fowler shared, "feeling vital, stable, clear and having choice" are the keys to success. "Success is a feeling, not a thing or a number," she told Platinum magazine in March 2021. "I am able to find those attributes through discipline, intention, staying in line (don't give up if it gets a little difficult), and really caring about my audience," she added.

According to Fowler, she had created the "Keep it up" daily routine to motivate herself when she goes off track. Her "Keep it up" is about kindness to self, eating less processed food, exercising more, praying, having true intentions, thanking oneself, unlearning the relationship with oneself, and being productive. 

Personal Life 

Fowler met her future husband when she was 18 years old, and they eventually got married and started doing business together. The couple has children who grew up in their holiday park in New South Wales.

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