Sarah Lateiner | Biography

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  • Full Name Sarah Lateiner
  • Nickname Bogi
  • Occupation Automobile mechanic, Entrepreneur, Advocate, Technical educator/spokesperson, and Reality television personality
  • Nationality American
  • Birthplace Flushing, Queens, USA
  • Birth Date Dec 15, 1977
  • Age 46 Years, 5 Months
Co-host of Motor Trend TV Network's 'All Girls Garage'

Sarah Lateiner | Biography

Owner of Girl Gang Garage

Since 2012, Bogi has co-hosted the Motor Trend TV Network show 'All Girls Garage,' a reality television show which follows three women automobile mechanics; herself, Cristy Lee, and Faye Hadley. The show initially premiered on 3 March 2012 and has been running since.

Sarah Lateiner is an American automobile mechanic, entrepreneur, advocate, technical educator/spokesperson, and reality television personality best recognized for hosting All Girls Garage.

Who is Sarah Lateiner?

Sarah "Bogi" Lateiner was born on 15 December 1977 in Flushing, Queens. She grew up in a middle-class household in New Jersey, besides a year in Hungary as part of a high school exchange program.

There, she got the name "Bogi" through her Hungarian friends; they gave her the name Boglarka (a type of flower), which later turned into Bogi (which also means beetle). 

At 16, she bought an old VW Beetle, which she did a complete restoration of with the help of mentors and books. This ignited a passion in Bogi for working on cars. 

Bogi graduated Phi Beta Kappa in three years from Oberlin College with a double major in women's studies and pre-law with a minor in politics. She had Harvard Law School in her sight but ditched the idea and moved to Phoenix to attend Universal Technical Institute (UTI) to be a mechanic. 

Upon graduating from UTI, she got BMW factory training and worked at BMW Dealerships for seven years. Bogi then started working on her friends' car in her driveway. 

However, she eventually could not keep up with all the workload alone; hence at 29 years old, she opened her shop, 180 Degrees Automotive. Her auto-repair shop is almost exclusively a female-run auto repair shop. 

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Her venture began as a two-vehicle auto repair shop. Still, by her sixth year, with over a million dollars in sales, she had acquired a two-story structure to accommodate her staff of six, imagining an auto repair business on the first level and instructive automobile workshops for women on the second.

Subsequently, she founded Girl Gang Garage in 2016 to provide tools to women of all ages professional development opportunities. 

'All Girls Garage'

Since 2012, Bogi has co-hosted the Motor Trend TV Network show All Girls Garage, a reality television show which follows three women automobile mechanics; Sarah Lateiner, Cristy Lee, and Faye Hadley. 

The original crew comprised Rachel De Barros instead of Faye Hadley, where they repaired and upgraded selected vehicles. 

The show initially premiered on 3 March 2012 and has been running since. This show takes place in a women-dominated car shop. It documents how the mechanics approach complex projects and shows all the detailed repair/upgrades of the automobile, showcasing the mechanics' expertise. 

Girl Gang Garage

Founded by Bogi in 2016, Girl Gang Garage is a network of women comprising novices to industry veterans who come together to grow stronger and develop new opportunities. According to the company's bio, "Girl Gang Garage is a catalyst for gender diversity in the male-dominated automotive industry."

They conduct clinics, workshops, and mentor programs with a mission to tackle the lack of gender diversity in the automotive industry head-on. 

Personal Life

There are no credible sources of information to confirm her marital status or relationship status. But she does sometimes post about her family on her Instagram. 

On 24 March 2020, she shared a photo of her parents' 51st wedding anniversary celebration. She wrote, "the love is still strong, and nothing's gonna stop them. With all these two have been through - I am honestly in awe of who they are as individuals and as a couple. They are definitely a shining example of relationship goals."

She also shares pictures with her friends on social media.

Sarah Lateiner celebrating her birthday with her friends in December 2021 (Photo: Instagram)

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