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  • Full Name Sarah Jakes Robert
  • Occupation Author, Entrepreneur, Media personality, Pastor
  • Nationality American
  • Birthplace West Virginia, USA
  • Birth Date Jul 17, 1988
  • Age 35 Years, 8 Months


New York Times Bestselling Author, Founder of Woman Evolve

Sarah Jakes Roberts | Biography

Daughter Of American Author and Bishop T. D. Jakes

Sarah founded Woman Evolve in November 2017 in Los Angeles, California. It is a ministry dedicated to bringing every woman to her full potential. Woman Evolve has reached and guided thousands of women to find healing, wholeness, and love for themselves and others since its inception.

Sarah Jakes Robert is a New York Times bestselling author, businesswoman, and media personality. She is also prominently recognized as the daughter of American author, bishop, and filmmaker T.D. Jakes.

Who Is Sarah Jakes Robert?

Sarah Jakes Robert is an American author, entrepreneur, and media personality. She also works as a co-pastor at The Potter's House, Denver, and The Potter's House at One LA, alongside her husband, Touré Roberts. In addition, Sarah founded Woman Evolve in 2017, a ministry dedicated to bringing every woman to her significant potential. She has earned many awards and accolades. 

Sarah was recognized as a National Overcomer by Pat and Emmitt Smith Charities, collaborating with Robin Roberts, co-host of Good Morning America. Sarah has also been on shows like The Today Show, Dr. PhilThe 700 Club, and networks like Essence, The Associated Press, and other media venues.

Early Age and Family 

Sarah Jakes Robert was born on 17 July 1988 in West Virginia, USA, to T. D. Jakes and Serita Jakes. Sarah has four siblings - Cora Jakes Coleman, Jermaine Jakes, Thomas Jakes, Jr., Jamar Jakes.

At 16, Sarah graduated from high school in the top ten percent of her class and the country. She went on to Texas Christian University to study journalism. Sarah got pregnant at the young age of 13. She became a teen mother when she gave birth to her first son at the age of 14. Becoming a mother at a very young age, notably being a daughter of a high-profile preacher, made it challenging for her to be accepted in society. She was left alone at school and was gossiped about at church, because of which she felt isolated at the time. It took years for her to learn to handle the gossip and rumors about her.

Father T. D. Jakes

T. D. Jakes, full name, Thomas Dexter Jakes Sr., is an American author, bishop, and filmmaker. 

He was born on 9 June 1957 in West Virginia, USA, and raised in Vandalia, West Virginia. T. D. Jakes serves as the bishop of The Potter's House, an interdenominational mega-church in the United States. The church sessions and evangelistic teachings are broadcasted on The Potter's Touch. 

Career Beginnings 

Sarah started her professional journey as a receptionist in a Texas-based company called Aerotek. She worked there for almost a year, from February 2007 to November 2007. After that, she served at Big Safari Association in Texas as an office manager for a year from December 2007 to November 2008.

She then worked as a project manager at another Texas-based company, TDJE. In March 2011, she joined T. D. Jakes Ministries as a director of the women's ministry. She worked there for almost four years until November 2014.

Teaching Pastor

Sarah has been a teaching pastor at The Potter House- One since November 2014. It is a non-profit organization and a global movement led by Sarah and her husband, Pastor Touré Roberts, based in Los Angeles, California. 

Founder of Woman Evolve

Sarah founded Woman Evolve in November 2017 in Los Angeles, California. It is a ministry dedicated to bringing every woman to her full potential. According to the official website, Woman Evolve has reached and guided thousands of women to find healing, wholeness, and love for themselves and others since its inception. The website states, "No longer do women have to choose between family or career, they can have it all!"


Sarah also hosts a podcast show called Woman Evolve. The new episodes are released every Wednesday on platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. She shares her views on the week's entertainment news and top stories.


Sarah also has merchandise of the same name selling various products, including books, journals, gift cards, mugs, masks, keychains, tee-shirt, sweaters, earrings, and tote bags.

Editor of eMotion

Sarah has also been the senior editor of eMotions, an online magazine designed to embrace, educate, and empower women. 

New York Times Best-Selling Author

Sarah had authored five books: 'Lost and Found: Finding Hope in the Detours of Life,' 'Colliding With Destiny: Finding Hope in the Legacy of Ruth,' 'Dear Mary: Lessons From the Mother of Jesus for the Modern Mom,' 'Don't Settle for Safe,' and 'Woman Evolve: Break Up with Your Fears and Revolutionize Your Life.' 

'Lost and Found: Finding Hope in the Detours of Life'

'Lost and Found: Finding Hope in the Detours of Life' is Sarah's memoir released on 1 April 2014 through Bethany House Publishers. 

In her autobiographical book, Sarah shared how her life changed overnight when she became pregnant at 13. She was left alone at school and gossiped about at church. A few years later, she got married just to get rejected and hurt. She could have let her pain dictate her future, but she followed the path of faith that gave the new direction of her life. 

According to Sarah, 'Lost and Found,' is more than a memoir as it offers hope and encouragement. 

'Colliding With Destiny: Finding Hope in the Legacy of Ruth'

'Colliding With Destiny: Finding Hope in the Legacy of Ruth' was first published on 26 August 2014. In her book, Sarah had explored the biblical book 'Ruth' to show women that the most painful times in life could be the most pivotal since it would push them into a destiny they'd never imagined. 

According to Sarah, following Ruth's life would help find hope in life and overcome the past struggles and disappointments, whether it was the outcome of one's own choices or the actions of others. "Your yesterday does not have to dictate your tomorrow. Despite your past pain, you, too, can find redemption and restoration," she wrote in the book's description.

 'Dear Mary: Lessons From the Mother of Jesus for the Modern Mom'

'Dear Mary: Lessons from the Mother of Jesus for the Modern Mom' was published on 8 September 2015 by Bethany House Publishers. In the book, Sarah explored biblical stories about Mary, the mother of Jesus known for her bravery, who kept quiet, resilient faith, and courage in the face of adversity. 

Mary was with Jesus from when the angel first announced her pregnancy to the death and resurrection of her Son, Jesus. 

According to the book's description, Sarah examined Mary's life and her as a mother to better understand what a life of faith looks like. She wrote, "maybe you struggle to trust God's will for your life. Or Perhaps you have fears and insecurities that keep you from realizing the joy God wants for you." Through the example of Mary, Sarah tried to show the importance of true faith for freedom. She also intended to give a fresh perspective on the love and compassion of Jesus through her book 'Dear Mary.'

'Don't Settle for Safe'

'Don't Settle for Safe' was released on 18 April 2017 by Thomas Nelson on Brilliance. In the book, she discussed issues such as allowing the past to strengthen the present, choosing to walk ahead while remaining fearful, facing challenges in the company of others, discovering closeness with God outside of preconceived assumptions of what it should look like, and learning to focus on others.

'Woman Evolve: Break Up with Your Fears and Revolutionize Your Life'

'Woman Evolve' is a New York Times bestseller published on 6 April 2021 by Thomas Nelson. According to the book's description, Sarah demonstrated how past disappointments, hardships, and even blunders could be used to help an individual become the woman God intended, using life lessons and new insights from the story of Eve. 

In an interview with Essence on 9 May 2021, Sarah described that 'Woman Evolve' is not only a book but "a command that every woman will have to answer at some point in their life. Will I stay stuck, or will I dare to evolve?" As per Sarah, evolving means more than overcoming past struggles and adversities. She says evolving also means seeking the highest potential. 

Becoming a Fashion Inspiration 

To Sarah, fashion is as important as her ministry and work. 

She strongly believed in the faith and fashion correlation, and it impacted Keya Martin, founder and artistic director of women's luxury shoe Keeyahri. As a result, Martin created a shoe collection called 'Sarah.' Martin took inspiration from Sarah's stylish looks and colorful personality to come up with her shoe collection. 

"I like to honor strong, fashion-conscious women in my collections. When I thought of this collection, Sarah Jakes-Roberts is the first person who came to mind. I believe the vibrant colors and unique design embodies Sarah's personality. Women who want to sport a laid back yet glamorous look will love this collection," Martin told online beauty and fashion magazine, Hello Beautiful in June 2021.

Who Is Sarah Jakes Robert's Husband?

Sarah is married to Touré Roberts, an American pastor, and author. 

The duo got engaged on 4 November 2014, and the engagement was formalized later at a special ceremony held by Pastor Roberts at One Church International in Los Angeles. They got married on 23 November 2014. 

Speaking with her husband, Roberts, at their Essence Fest's Empower U 'Love and Relationship' workshop in 2015, Sarah shared that she was nearly arrested in her previous marriage. "I mean I showed my tail, okay? So being vulnerable and being treated like a lady wasn't something that I had really become accustomed to because I was so used to being tough and taking care of myself," she explained. 

In an interview with Today in April 2021, Sarah said, "He's one of my mentors and working with him gives me direct access to one of the most brilliant men I've ever met and then apply them to my company and organizations. I feel like I steal his ideas, but we're married so it's fine! It's all the same thing."


Sarah and Roberts have six children together. The couple has two biological children - Ella Roberts and Ren Taylor Roberts. Moreover, they are parents to Malachi Jakes (from Sarah's former relationship), Makenzie Henson (from Sarah's past relationship with Robert Henson), Isaiah Roberts, and Teya Roberts (from Roberts' past relationship).

On Father's Day in 2021, Sarah took to an Instagram post to acknowledge Roberts for loving and raising her children with the same passion he does for her own children. 

Past Relationship & Divorce

In 2008, Sarah married professional football player Robert Henson. However, the two divorced in 2012. Henson is a former linebacker in the National Football League. The Washington Redskins selected him in the sixth round of the 2009 NFL Draft.

She stated on her website, "After professional counseling and prayerful consideration, I have decided to end my four-year marriage. There are biblical grounds supporting this decision and I have attempted every other recourse but after multiple infractions over the course of the union, and for my personal safety and that of my children, I have come to this painful decision."

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