Ryan Rottman | Biography

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  • Full Name Ryan Rottman
  • Occupation Actor, Producer & Writer
  • Nationality American
  • Birthplace Lufkin, Texas, USA
  • Birth Date Mar 17, 1984
  • Age 40 Years, 2 Months
Actor Of Series 'Gigantic' & 'The Lying Game'

Ryan Rottman | Biography

CEO of OSDB Sports

Rottman also worked as a producer in 'Sister of the Bride,' 'Your Friends Will Never Believe You,' and 'Stuntmen.' Likewise, he also worked as a writer and director for 'Your Friends Will Never Believe You.' 

Ryan Rottman is an American actor popularly known for his role in the television series, Gigantic and The Lying Game. 

Who is Ryan Rottman?

Ryan Rottman's career began with an accredited appearance in the movie The House Bunny. He is popularly known for his role as Joey Colvin in the Teen nick's television series, Gigantic. Likewise, his other popular roles include the role of Jordan Lyle in The Lying Game. 

Rottman was born on 17 March 1984 in Lufkin, Texas, USA. He is currently 37 years in age. He graduated with a degree in International Business from Texas Tech University. He was enrolled in college from 2002 to 2005.

After The House Bunny, in 2009, he was seen on the television series Greek where he played the role of Jess. Then, he landed the role of Doctor J. Tupac on the tv series Valley Peaks in 2009. The same year, he was also seen in the role of Peabody Bellhop in The Open Road. 

In 2011, Rottman was seen in the movie Birds of a Feather. Likewise, he played the role of Tyler in the short movie, Closing Time. In 2010, he landed one of his most popular roles of Joey Colvin in the television series, Gigantic. He remained a part of the show from 2010 to 2011. The following year, he was seen portraying the role of Shane in the television series 90210

Subsequently, in 2013, Rottman began playing the role of Jordan Lyle on the television series, The Lying Game. The next year, he was seen on the television series, Happyland where he portrayed the role of Theodore Chandler. In 2018, he portrayed the role of Scott Biltmore in the movie Billionaire Boys Club. 

He was also seen in the Christmas movie Christmas Wonderland as Chris Shepherd. Likewise, he was popularly recognized in 2019 for his role as Ben on the television series Sister of the bride. Likewise, he is also expected to be seen on The Best Worst Christmas Ever, Aloha Also Means Goodbye and Riptide

Rottman also worked as a producer in Sister of the Bride, Your Friends Will Never Believe You, and Stuntmen. Likewise, he also worked as a writer and director for Your Friends Will Never Believe You. 

OSDB Sports

Rottman is currently the CEO of OSDB Sports, a digital Online Sports Database. It was found that the extensive sports information on the web series. 

In an interview, he said that OSDB is meant to be a platform like IMDB and Wikipedia for athletic players. He elaborated, "Being in the entertainment world for 16 years as an actor and a producer, I had to use IMDb as my calling card as an actor and then on the business side finding other talent for the producing side, I just couldn't believe that nothing like that existed for the sports world. So you can just find out who represents them, but you could have a verified place on an athlete."


Rottman is in a relationship with Shelby Bay. The pair have been in a relationship for a long period. However, there is no further bio on his wife. 

Ryan Rottman with his girlfriend. (Source: Instagram)

How tall is Ryan Rottman?

According to IMDb, Rottman is 6 feet 2 and a half inches tall which is 1.89 meters. 

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