Michael Dorman | Biography

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  • Full Name Michael Dorman
  • Occupation Actor
  • Nationality New Zealander
  • Birthplace Auckland, New Zealand
  • Birth Date Apr 26, 1981
  • Age 43 Years, 0 Months
  • Height 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 m)
Cast of Apple TV+ Series 'For All Mankind'

Michael Dorman | Biography

Plays the title character in Spectrum Originals series 'Joe Pickett'

Dorman plays the NASA astronaut Gordo Stevens in Apple TV+'s 2019 space drama TV Series 'For All Mankind.' The series comprises two seasons, and Dorman has appeared in 20 episodes between 2019 and 2021.

Michael Dorman is an actor best known for his roles in the drama series For All Mankind as NASA astronaut Gordo Stevens.

Michael Dorman Bio

Michael Dorman is a New Zealand actor born on 26 April 1981 in Auckland, New Zealand.

Dorman debuted his acting career in the movie Spudmonkey as Trent in 2001. His appearance followed his debut role in notable films and TV shows like Rob God (short 2005), The Secret Life of Us (TV series 2002-2005), Acolytes (movie 2008), Rescue Special Ops (TV Series 2011), The Water Diviner (movie 2014), and more.

However, Dorman is best known for his roles in the TV series For All Mankind (2019), Joe Pickett (2021), and the movie Hard Luck Love Song (2020). 

'For All Mankind'

For All Mankind is an Apple TV+'s 2019 space drama TV Series in which Dorman plays the NASA astronaut Gordo Stevens. The show is set in an alternate adaptation of 1969, in which the Soviet Union defeats the United States in the race to the Moon, and the space race continues for decades with more significant challenges and goals.

The series comprises two seasons, and Dorman has appeared in 20 episodes between 2019 and 2021. Before the second season, producers told Dorman that they wanted his character to be a lot heavier. They offered him the option of wearing prosthetics to make him appear larger, but Dorman decided to gain weight.

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In an interview in April 2021 with TV Line, the actor mentioned he doesn't regret using the method, but he admits he's not sure he'd do it again. "It was an experience I think I'm good to do once. The way that your body becomes toxic — it affects your thoughts and emotions." Dorman explained. "I got to the point where I couldn't see parts of myself. I couldn't tie my own shoelaces."

'Hard Luck Love Song'

Hard Luck Love Song is a 2020 love story movie inspired by American singer Todd Snider's song 'Just Like Old Times.' The movie first aired on 24 October 2020 at Austin Film Festival and on 15 October 2021 by the Roadside Attractions in the United States. Dorman portrayed the role of Jesse in the film.

Hard Luck Love Song follows a country music singer Jesse, played by Dorman, who hits the road hoping to find and reunite with his previous lover Carla, played by Sophia Bush.

Hard Luck Love Song also features Indrajit Sarkar (Singh), Amelia Morck (Sunny the Waitress), Dermot Mulroney (Rollo), and others.

'Joe Pickett'

Joe Pickett is a TV series based on C.J. Box's bestselling books, which aired in December 2021 on Spectrum Originals, owned by Paramount Television Studios. The series is set in Saddlestring, Wyoming, a small rural town where Dorman plays the role of the title character, Joe Pickett.

The show follows Joe Pickett and his family as they explore the changing political and socio-economic climate in a small Wyoming rural town. The township, surrounded by the rich history and abundant wildlife, conceals decades of schemes and secrets yet to be revealed.


Dorman married his ex-wife Tessa Richardson in 2011. However, the couple divorced in 2019 after eight years of a marital relationship. According to Dorman's post on Instagram in December 2018, he has two children where he shared the picture of them celebrating Christmas together.

Michael Dorman with his Children in 2018
Michael Dorman with his children in 2018 (Photo: Instagram)

However, not much is known about Dorman's current dating life, but he mentioned his girlfriend in an interview in 2020 with The Sydney Morning Herald.

When asked about his hobby, he said, "My girlfriend and I decided we're going to start growing our own herbs and vegies to be a bit more self-sustainable. My thumbs are usually red, still not even close to green, but my partner's showing me the ropes."

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