Michael Barbaro | Biography

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  • Full Name Michael Barbaro
  • Birth Date Oct 12, 1979
  • Age 44 Years, 8 Months
  • Nationality American
  • Birthplace Connecticut, USA
  • Zodiac Sign Libra
  • Occupation Political Writer & Host
  • University Yale University
  • Education Bachelors in History
  • Relationship Status Divorced
  • Girlfriend Lisa Tobin
  • Wife Not Disclosed
  • Husband Timothy Levin (2014-2018)
  • Net Worth Not Disclosed
Political Analyst & Podcast Host of New York Times

Michael Barbaro | Biography

Michael Barbaro is the host of the New York Times' original podcast 'The Daily.'

Who is Michael Barbaro?

Michael Barbaro is an American journalist born on 12 October 1970. He received a Bachelor's in History degree from the ivy league Yale University in 1998. 

In 2002, he began his journalism career as a reporter on the biotechnology industry at the Washington Post. Then in 2005, he joined The New York Times, where he started covering issues like the retail industry and New York City Hall, eventually working his way up to political reporter. 

Barbaro's career was focused on only writing up until 2016. Then, during Trump's presidential campaign, he published a front-page investigative piece about Trump's series of unethical behaviors with women in 2016. The article took the lid off, and he became known in the media when Trump called Barbaro on his Twitter and asked for his resignation. 

After that political outburst, Barbaro was called by the New York Times for a side project, The Run-Up podcast. Not long after that, in 2017, he was running NYT's exclusive podcast, The Daily

One Year With 'The Daily'

In 2018, the Vanity Fair wrote an article about the New York Times' most successful project of the decade, The Daily, led by Barbaro. 

The piece covered that initially, Barbaro was chosen to host the podcast because of his semi-popular identity and series of investigative coverages. While the publishing company's first audio executive editor Lisa Tobin, was the producer of the Daily when Barbaro was sent to The Run-Up podcast for a brief experience. 

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At that time, Barbaro did not even listen to podcasts, but January 2017 was his last written publishing in the magazine. By the end of the year, the Daily became the 'Most Downloaded' show on the Apple podcast and garnered 1 million daily listeners with a constant 5 million a month. 

According to the Vanity Fair article, the Daily had bumped the Post's 2017's revenue by nearly $2 billion. Because of that success, many expected Barbaro to take on other ludicrous hosting offers from other networks. 

On the other hand, Barbaro commented on his long-term linkage with the Post and said that he grew up in those walls, so the company had a great hold on him. 

"I came here when I was 25 and I very much became an adult inside this building. Despite all the generational discussions about job loyalty and institutions no longer having a hold on people, the Times has a deep hold on me," he shared.

In addition to the surge of listeners and popularity, Time, Entertainment Weekly, The Atlantic, Esquire, Adweek, The New Yorker, and New York Magazine have called the Daily the 'Top Podcast of the Year' in 2017. And it earned a 'DuPont-Columbia University Award' for audio quality.

Barbaro's Husband and Wife

Barbaro was initially married to Timothy George Levin, a Yale graduate who is the Founder and Chief Executive of Bespoke Education. They got married in their New York apartment on 19 October 2014. 

However, in 2018, Page Six reported that he filed for a divorce and began dating Lisa Tobin. The paper also said Barbaro initiated his relationship with Tobin after filing for divorce. 

As of 2022, Barbaro has not updated his relationship or marriage with Tobin. 

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