Marc Clotet | Biography

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  • Full Name Marc Clotet Fresquet
  • Occupation Actor, Model
  • Nationality Spanish
  • Birthplace Barcelona, Spain
  • Birth Date Apr 29, 1980
  • Age 44 Years, 0 Months
Spanish Actor Famous For the Movie ‘The Sleeping Voice’

Marc Clotet | Biography

Made his acting debut in 1997 in the TV series 'Tocao del ala'

In 1997, Clotet made his on-screen debut in the episode ‘Bajo un Cerezo en flor’ of the series 'Tocao del ala.' In the same year, he also featured in an uncredited guest role in the TV series 'Estació d’enllaç.’ After almost working in the industry for over a decade, he got his big break after his first recurring part as Pau Montaner in TV series El Comisario from 2008 to 2009.

Marc Clotet Fresquet is a Spanish actor famous for starring as Paulino in the 2011 movie ‘The Sleeping Voice.’

Who Is Marc Clotet?

Marc Clotet Fresquet is a Spanish actor and model. A few of his notable TV credits include El Comisario (2008-2009), EING, Encadenats Imaginaris per Nens i Grans (2009), La Estrella (2013), La luz con el tiempo dentro (2015), The Hockey Girls (2019-2020), among many others. 

He is also a model, signed to Uno model Agency for his part-time modeling ventures.

Early Age & Parents

Marc Clotet was born in Barcelona, Spain, on 29 April 1980. His parents are Dr. Bonaventura Clotet, a Spanish physician, and Anna Fresquet. He has a sister named Aina Clotet.


Clotet began his career as a model, appearing for various publications, including Spain’s Showdown, before starring on TV programs. 

Movies & Television Series

In 1997, he made his on-screen debut in the episode ‘Bajo un Cerezo en flor’ of the series Tocao del ala. In the same year, he also featured in an uncredited guest role in the TV series Estació d’enllaç’s episode ‘Edats perilloses.’

Clotet got his big break after his first recurring part as Pau Montaner in the TV series El Comisario from 2008 to 2009. In 2009, he also portrayed Javi in the short Comeparedes, Stationmaster in the film EING, Encadenats Imaginaris per Nens i Grans, and Alex in 13 episodes of the TV series AD - Els Abans de Déu. He then played Iago in the TV series El cor de la Ciutat from 2007 to 2009 and Vaquero in 41 episodes of Physics or Chemistry from 2009 to 2011. In 2011, he starred as Príncep formós in the film Mil Cretins and as Paulino in The Sleeping Voice. For his work in The Sleeping Voice, he was nominated for the ‘Goya Awards’ for ‘Best New Actor’ in 2011.

Likewise, in 2012, Clotet played Ángel in the TV miniseries Gernika bajo las bombas and Diego in the short Cicatrices. The following year, he starred as Salva in the film La Estrella and as Mauro Jiménez de Baños in 37 episodes of the series Amar es para siempre. In addition, he played Agüero in the TV movie L'últim ball de Carmen Amaya in 2014. 

In 2015 he was cast as Willy in the short Emprendedores 014 and Juan Ramón Jiménez joven in the movie La luz con el tiempo dentro.

Some of his other on-screen credits include the TV series El Caso. Crónica de sucesos (2016), Tiempos de guerra (2017), Por amar sin ley (2019), Madres. Amor y Vida (2020), The Hockey Girls (2019-2020), and Physics or Chemistry: The Reunion (2021). He also appeared in the 2016 short La puta y el cliente (Rol) and the 2017 feature The Chessplayer. He furthermore starred in the 2021 film 15 Hours as Manuel.

Clotet also holds credit as an executive producer and art director for the short Tiger (2016). Furthermore, he handled the soundtrack in the episode ‘Táctica y Estrategia’ of the TV series Physics or Chemistry (2010).

Alongside, he made appearances on several talk shows, a few of which include Premios Fotogramas de Plata 2009 (2010), Sala 33 (2012), En el aire con Andreu Buenafuente (2014), Divendres (2011, 2016), Días de cine (2015, 2017, 2018), Versión española (2019), among others.

What Is the Height of Marc Clotet?

Clotet stands at the height of approximately 5 feet 8 inches (1.78m) tall.

Wife & Children

Clotet is married to a Spanish actress, Natalia Sánchez (Los herederos de la tierra, 2021) since 2013. The couple together shares two children; a son and a daughter. Their daughter Lia was born on 8 January 2019, and their son Neo was born on 19 May 2020.


Before that, Clotet was married to Ana de Armas, an actress well recognized for her role as Marta Cabrera in Knives Out (2019), from 2011 until 2013. Clotet affirmed to Diez Minutos, a Spanish magazine, that their marriage had ended while attending the 2013 Goya Awards, but he asserted they had an amicable relationship. Ana de Armas also dated actor Ben Affleck.

Charity Work

Clotet and Natalia began the (YoMeCorono) campaign in the early covid pandemic, around March 2020. They organized the campaign to raise cash for the coronavirus investigations conducted at the Fight Against AIDS Foundation, where Clotet’s father works as president. The initiative had raised 223,014 euros in just one day. 

Since its inception, over 75,000 people and institutions from all around Europe have contributed to the (YoMeCorono) campaign. The collected funds were used to create new vaccinations, explore therapeutics and diagnostic tests, research the persistence of COVID, and prepare for the virus’s future difficulties.

In addition, Clotet is also a frequent collaborator with humanitarian organizations like Jane Goodall Institute and the Fight AIDS Foundation on various solidarity initiatives. 

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