Lulu Garcia-Navarro | Biography

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  • Full Name Lulu Garcia-Navarro
  • Occupation TV Journalist, Report, Host
  • Nationality American
  • Birthplace London, Ennglan
  • Birth Date Born date and age remains undisclosed
First Latina to Host an NPR News Show

Lulu Garcia-Navarro | Biography

Began Her Career As A Freelancer Journalist

Lulu Garcia-Navarro began her career as a journalist after working as a freelancer for the BBC World Service and Voice of America. She reported from different parts of the world such as Syria, Cuba, Panama, and Europe. Navarro later joined the Associated Press as a producer for AP Television News before switching to AP Radio. In the new role, she explored events in Afghanistan and Jerusalem post 9/11.

Lulu Garcia-Navarro is the host of NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday and Up First podcast.

Who is Lulu Garcia-Navarro?

Lulu Garcia-Navarro is an award-winning journalist who hosts National Public Radio's (NPR) show Weekend Edition Sunday. Before joining the Weekend Edition Sunday team, she served as a correspondent for NPR based in Brazil, Mexico, Israel, and Iraq.

Garcia joined the NPR Weekend Edition Sunday team in 2017 and has been a part of it ever since. In addition, she's also working as one of the hosts of Up First, NPR's morning news podcast.

Early Life and Education.

Lourdes Garcia-Navarro (Lulu) was born in London, England, in a Latin family of Cuban and Panamanian heritage. She moved to America at a young age and grew up in Miami, Florida, in the US. 

Later, Garcia moved to Washington DC and attended Georgetown University. There, she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in International Relations and Affairs. She later returned to her hometown again in London and attended City University and earned a Master of Arts degree in Journalism.


After working as a freelancer for the BBC World Service and Voice of America, Lulu Garcia-Navarro began her career as a journalist. She reported from different parts of the world such as Syria, Cuba, Panama, and Europe. 

Navarro later joined the Associated Press as a producer for AP Television News before switching to AP Radio. In the new role, she explored events in Afghanistan and Jerusalem post 9/11. Later, in 2002, Lulu was posted to Iraq right before the US-led invasion for a reporting stint for two years. Despite the ongoing conflict on ground zero, she stayed in the war-infested Iraq and continued working. 

Today, Navarro is known as the co-host of NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday and the Up First podcast. However, before joining the team, she worked as NPR's international correspondent based in different countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Israel, and Iraq. After the beginning of the 2011 Arab Spring uprising, Lulu became one of the first reporters in the world to enter Libya. There, she spent several months collecting and covering the dangerous insights of a country at war.

She also worked as an NPR foreign correspondent in the Middle East and served as the Jerusalem bureau chief for the radio network. She has also worked substantially in Latin America and covered historical events and stories, including the collapse of Venezuela's democracy and the impeachment of the Brazilian president.

NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday

Lulu Garcia-Navarro joined NPR in 2004 as an international correspondent moving from country to country and covering some of the most iconic and historical political events. 

She eventually joined the Weekend Edition Sunday in 2017 from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and became the first Latina to host an NPR news show. 

Since joining the Weekend Edition Sunday team, Lulu and her team have covered crucial stories from all over the globe. With the Weekend Edition Sunday, Garcia-Navarro has explored topics such as the US/Mexico border conflict and the #MeToo movement. For the latter, she and her team even received a 'Gracie Award.'

Up First Podcast

In addition to the Weekend Edition Sunday, Lulu Garcia-Navarro is also a host of NPR's morning news podcast, Up First. The podcast provides everyday news, the three biggest stories of the day, and reporting and analysis in just 10 minutes. Garcia-Navarro co-hosts the podcast with Scott Simon on Saturdays. 

Leaving NPR

After working as an international correspondent since 2004 and host since 2017, Lulu Garcia-Navarro revealed in 2021 that she was leaving the National Public Radio. She took to her Twitter on 9 September 2021 to announce her departure from the network that she had been dearer to her for almost two decades. 

"Perhaps no greater honor has been becoming the first Latina to host an NPR Flagship show," shared Lulu in an emotional Twitter thread. Her last day of hosting the Weekend Edition Sunday will be 17 October 2021. NPR will then conduct a national search to replace Garcia-Navarro for the show.

Awards and Recognition

Lulu Garcia-Navarro has achieved numerous achievements, recognition, and awards in a career spanning more than two decades. She was the first Latin to host an NPR flagship show. 

Lulu received a 'Peabody Award' in 2005 and an 'Alfred I. DuPont-Columbia University Silver Baton' in 2007 for her contribution to NPR News reporting on Iraq. 

She later received multiple awards for covering the 2011 Arab Spring. For the very work, she was honored with 'George Foster Peabody Award' in 2011, the 'Alliance for Women,' and the' Media's Gracie Award' for 'Outstanding Individual Achievement,' an 'Edward R. Murrow Award' from the Corporation for 'Public Broadcasting,' and a 'Lowell Thomas Award' from the 'Overseas Press Club.' 

Navarro and her team have also received another 'Gracie Award' for their stunning coverage of the #MeToo movement. In addition, she has been honored for her incredible work on human migration in Mexico and the Amazon in Brazil. 


Lulu Garcia-Navarro is married to James Hider, a journalist from the Times of London. They've been married for 18 long years (as of 15 February 2021) and together have a daughter named Cassia.

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