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  • Full Name Lexi Martone
  • Occupation Nail Artist, TV Personality, Entrepreneur
  • Nationality American
  • Birthplace New York, USA
  • Birth Date Dec 14, 1992
  • Age 31 Years, 6 Months
Cast of the series 'Unpolished,' Nail Artist

Lexi Martone | Biography

Lexi Martone lost over 100 pounds after the weight loss surgery

Martone rose to prominence through her 3D nail art, which draws more customers, including tourists, celebrities to the salon she co-owns with her hair and makeup artist and sister Bria. 

Lexi Martone is a well-known celebrity nail artist from the TLC series Unpolished.

Lexi Martone Bio

Lexi Martone was born on 14 December 1992 in New York to her mother, Jennifer, and late father, Big Mike. As of December 2021, she is 29 years old. Martone also has a sister named Bria.

Recently, Martone made a statement that she and her sister couldn't spend more time with their father before his death. She said, "Unfortunately, we didn't get to see our dad as much as we would have liked because of quarantine." 

Before pursuing her career as a nail artist, Martone tried fashion designing, but it didn't work out. She then went to nail school and started a salon in her bedroom. For her, nail art is another form of wearable art.

Martone rose to prominence through her 3D nail art, which draws more customers, including tourists, celebrities to the salon she co-owns with her hair and makeup artist and sister Bria. 

The sisters and their family, who frequently stop by to stir up trouble, were featured in the reality series from their Long Island salon. In the series, Bria and Lexi demonstrate their talents to a diverse clientele while juggling their relationships and family drama.

Besides her show, Martone also has a website called Beauty by Martone, which sells beauty products for men and women. She has previously appeared on Food Network shows such as Bakers vs. Fakers and TLC's Unpolished, Cooking with the Martone's.

Is Lexi Martone still with Joe?

Martone was in a relationship with Joseph Fraumeni from 2018, and the two began living together within a year of meeting. Unfortunately, the two broke up during the pandemic in 2021, only months after Martone's father, Big Mike, passed away.

Martone revealed the cause of her ending her relationship with Joe in season 2, episode 4 of the series Unpolished. She told her friend Ashley that their personalities were opposite. In addition to that, she also pointed out that Joe was impeding her goals, and she doesn't like to have such a person in her life.

In one of the episodes, Martone was ranting at her mother, Jennifer Martone, for not being emotionally present for her during that time. However, Martone is rumored to be dating Brian Perez, a member of the US Air Force. 

Weight Loss Surgery

Martone had undergone weight loss surgery and lost about 100 lbs. The surgery and the journey were also covered in season 1 of the series Unpolished. 

Wedding of Lexi's Sister Bria

Bria had been dating Matthew Mancuso for eight years before they got married. Matthew proposed to Bria on 5 August 2018, and they got married on 12 September 2020. However, Martone was against their marriage as Bria had to deal with being a stepmom to Ronin and Logan, children of Matt from his previous partner. 

Bria's fans also chastised her for having an expensive wedding soon after her father's death. Martone and Bria also got into an argument when Martone asked her to postpone the wedding.

Bria shared a photo of their wedding along with Matt's sons, Ronin and Logan, explaining that she accepts his sons as her own. Bria also mentioned that she was excited about sharing her future children with Matthew.

 Lexi and Bria at Bria's Wedding Rehearsal Dinner
 Lexi and Bria at Bria's Wedding Rehearsal Dinner (Photo: Facebook)

Net Worth

Lexi Marton is estimated to have a net worth of $2 million, earned from her salon and television appearances.

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