Ksenia Buzina | Biography

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  • Full Name Ksenia Buzina
  • Occupation Singer, Musician
  • Nationality Russian
  • Birthplace Transbaikal Region of Siberia
  • Birth Date September 28 (Exact birthyear not disclosed)
Russian Singer, Member of the Music Band Leonid & Friends

Ksenia Buzina | Biography

Joined Leonid & Friends in September 2016

Leonid and Friends is a Russian cover band formed to tribute to the American rock band Chicago. Leonid and Friends comprise eleven singers/musicians from countries including Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, and Belarus. As the only lady member, she views her band members are her brothers, dads, & grandfathers.

Ksenia Buzina is a singer and musician known for being the only female member of the music band Leonid & Friends.

Who is Ksenia Buzina?

Ksenia Buzina is a Russian singer and musical artist who rose to fame for her appearance in The Voice of Russia. She was also a contestant on the TV show Golos, the Russian version of The Voice, in 2014. However, she appeared in only two episodes. 

Buzina is best recognized as the only female member of the band Leonid & Friends.

She also has a YouTube channel where she posts covers of songs. The channel has nearly 18 thousand subscribers as of February 2022. 

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Early Bio and Age 

Based on a Facebook post, Buzina’s birthday falls on 28 September. However, her birth year is not disclosed. She was born in the Transbaikal region of Siberia, in the city of Chita. She currently resides in Moscow. 

Born to a musician father, Buzina began her career as a singer early. She took part in various school events and competitions. At just 16 years old, she started earning money performing at local restaurants on the weekends.

Buzina has a degree in economics from the Baikal State University of Economics and Law, specializing in the World Economic. 

Leonid & Friends 

Leonid and Friends is a Russian cover band formed to tribute to the American rock band Chicago. Leonid and Friends comprise eleven singers/musicians from countries including Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, and Belarus. 

Buzina joined the band in September 2016 with the debut of the song, ‘Wishing You Were Here.’ She is currently the only lady member of the band and has been involved in both the studio and live performances of the band. 

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She is credited with being the first Russian singer to be understood by over a billion people on earth. According to Leonid and Friends' official website, this is because of her fluency in several languages, including Russian, Chinese, English, Italian, Armenian, Kazakh, Bulgarian, and French. 

The band has also recorded covers of songs from Chicago such as ‘Make Me Smile,’ ‘25 or 6 to 4,’ and ‘Saturday In The Park.’ The videos have gotten over 50 million views and they have also recorded two albums showcasing their tribute to Chicago. 

Additionally, the band also went on a long US tour. Buzina posted on her Facebook in mid-December 2021 that their tour was completed. The tour was three and a half months long and comprised 45 concerts. 

Ksenia Buzina with her band
Ksenia Buzina with her Leonid & Friends band members in May 2021 (Photo: Instagram)

Leonid & Friends also has an eponymous YouTube channel with over 231k subscribers as of February 2022. The channel received its silver play button from YouTube in February 2021. Buzina took to her Instagram to share the news with her fans. "Historical moment. We have received a Silver YouTube button award!!! Thanks to all our people from around the world for your continuous support! LOVE YOU! Sincerely yours, Leonid & Friends,” she captioned it.

How Does It Feel to Be the Only Woman in the Band?

Buzina is often asked about her experience being the only woman in the band.

In a September 2020 Instagram post, she mentioned she views her band members are her brothers, dads, and grandfathers. She also jokingly called them as mothers and grandmothers. To sum up, she feels like the band is her family and feels intense love and support from them. 

She also mentioned having an American sister, Doreen, who was with her during her travel to the US, which resulted in her not being alone. 

Did You Know?

  • Buzina is yet to feature on the Wikipedia page.
  • She has almost 25k followers on Instagram as of February 2022.

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