Kevin Samuels | Biography 2021

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  • Full Name Kevin Samuels
  • Occupation Image Consultant, Entrepreneur
  • Nationality American
  • Birthplace Georgia, USA
  • Birth Date Mar 13, 1969
  • Age 55 Years, 2 Months


Famous Image Consultant

Kevin Samuels | Biography 2021

Samuels released his book 'Kevin Samuels Dating Advice For Women: The Things You Need To Know- From Woman's Perspective,' on 20 December 2020

Image Consultant Kevin Samuels, through his company, offers image and brand integration, job interview coaching, cloth styling. He does the same with his self-named YouTube channel, where he gives relationship and dating tips and also via his book, 'Kevin Samuels Dating Advice For Women: The Things You Need To Know- From Woman's Perspective.'

Kevin Samuels is an Image Consultant and the owner of the life & style firm Kevin Samuels. 

Who Is Kevin Samuels?

Kevin Samuels is an American social media influencer, image consultant, and lifestyle coach. He is well known for his advice on fashion, lifestyle, and love. 

Samuels is also the owner of an image consultancy and life & style firm, Kevin Samuels, founded in January 2013. The Atlanta-based company offers image and brand integration, media and job interview coaching, and clothing styling. In May 2015, Samuels started his own YouTube channel, where he posts videos about fashion, lifestyle, and dating tips.

Before establishing his own style and image company, he worked for many years as a professional sales manager in the advertising & marketing industry.

Samuels has made headlines on social media for his provocative remarks about Black women. Though his platform allows people to discuss women's involvement in relationships, his approach is based chiefly on an imperialist worldview that implicitly encourages anti-Blackness.

Early Life & Education 

Kevin Samuels was born on 13 March 1969 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. He grew up with a single mother. Samuels graduated from Millwood High School with Honors. After graduating high school in 1987, he attended the University of Oklahoma and earned a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering in 1991. 

From a young age, he has been interested in fashion and lifestyle. His LinkedIn bio states, "Fashion & Style have always been passions of mine for as long as I can remember."


Samuels began his professional career as a Business Development Manager at Office Depot, a retail company. He worked there for three years and six months from December 2005 to May 2009. As a Development Manager, he sold and implemented products and services to a medium-to-large market of 75-1000 white-collar employees. 

He met a $250,000 annual additional sales goal while overseeing a $2.6 million base of business. He was also awarded 'Business Development Manager of the Year' in 2008, 'Impact Player of Month' six times, and 'Coaches Award Winner' three times.

After leaving the job in July 2009, Samuels joined the media company SuperMedia, formerly known as Idearc Media. He worked for two and half years as an inside advertising online sales agent until he quit the job in September 2011. His marketing, sales, and advertising skills allowed him to assist the customers in designing print and online advertising plans to help them develop their businesses.

Samuels then served as a Media Consultant for YP - The Real Yellow Pages, a marketing and advertising firm, for two years.

Kevin Samuels

In January 2013, Samuels started his own image consultancy firm, Kevin Samuels. Through his consultancy, Samuels offers image and brand integration services, wardrobe styling, media, and job interview coaching to recording artists, entrepreneurs, job seekers, and anyone who seeks to enhance their image and personality.

"I decided to start Life & Style by Kevin Samuels to help others realize their true potential, both professionally and socially," he noted.

YouTube Channel 

Samuels holds a self-named YouTube channel, where he advises on lifestyle and fashion trends. He also provides dating and relationship guidance. Samuels launched his YouTube channel on 20 May 2015 and has amassed over a million subscribers as of July 2021.

With over 600 videos on his official channel, the videos get hundreds and thousands of views. Some of his most popular videos include 'A World Without Men?', 'Are Modern Women Doomed?', 'You're Average At Best,' 'Do Modern Women Want More Than They "Deserve"?', and 'Is This The Future?'


Samuels had also published a book, 'Kevin Samuels Dating Advice For Women: The Things You Need To Know- From Woman's Perspective,' on 20 December 2020.

The book gives dating advice and relationship-building ideas. Samuels described the book as "This Book is From My Perspective, On what Dating is Like For Women who are Over 30 or Look Older, I Like to Keep it Real- This Book is Meant to be Used for Entertainment Purposes Only."

Gay Rumor

Being an outspoken social media personality, Samuels also had his phase of drawbacks in his public life. There have been questions about his sexual orientation.

In a June 2021 episode, he addressed a viral clip of a man dozing in bed during one of his sessions. He clarified the situation, saying that the individual was a troll stuck in a call queue. Samuels continued that the man was visible because he clicked the wrong button during his live show.

During his interview with Vlad, he said that if the LGBTQIA+ community is now so protected and accepted, why is it acceptable to use sexuality to disparage someone heterosexual? He also claimed that black men are the most affected because of the black community's sensitivity to homosexuality and how it is frequently used to portray men as "weak" or "soft."


Samuels frequently grades his guests according to their "sexual marketplace value," which he rates on the grounds of their attractiveness, weight, height, dress size, and physical attributes.

 His interview on The Joe Budden Podcast kindled the controversy after he revealed why he gave Saweetie just a "six" on a scale of one to ten for her beauty. Meanwhile, clinical psychologist and actor Dr. Umar Johnson, who is no stranger to scandal, has commented on Samuels, "I can't appreciate Black men trying to make a dollar off of making Black women feel bad."

In another video, Samuels compared the appearance of a Black lady to former NFL linebackers Emmitt Smith and Barry Sanders and remarked that her weight limits her chances for romance. He said, "You should be so grateful that a high-value man would pick you over a woman who is 5'4, 120 pounds, and a dress size four."

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