Holly Hallstrom | Biography

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  • Full Name Holly Anne Hallstrom
  • Occupation Former model & TV personality
  • Nationality American
  • Birthplace San Antonio, Texas, USA
  • Birth Date Aug 24, 1952
  • Age 71 Years, 9 Months
  • Ethnicity White
  • Zodiac Sign Virgo
  • First On-screen Debut 'The Price is Right'
  • Relationship Status Unmarried
  • Net Worth Undisclosed
Former American Model Famous Appearing In Game Show 'The Price Is Right'

Holly Hallstrom | Biography

Was fired from 'The Price is Right' in September 1995 by host Bob Barker

Hallstrom has never married and has no kids, which is why she feels she was the only 'Price Is Right' contestant who could stand up to "miserable tyranny at the hands of a mad dictator" (regarding Barker). During the nearly ten years her lawsuit remained in court, she spent all of her resources and money. Hallstrom sold her house and ended up living out of her car during her lowest point throughout those years. "I refused to give up and let that evil old bastard win," she stated in interviews about that time in her life.

Holly Hallstrom is a former model who appeared on the game show The Price Is Right from 1977 to 1995.

Who is Holly Hallstrom?

Holly Hallstrom is a former American model who first got featured in The Price Is Right in 1977. She joined the show as the third model after Anitra Ford left. Her frequent falls, wardrobe malfunctions, and other on-air screw-ups quickly made her famous. 

In 1983, Hallstrom took a break from the show to pursue a career as an actress, but she returned in 1984. 

Hallstrom has also appeared in Match Game as a guest panelist frequently. In addition, she also appeared on Family Feud with her The Price Is Right co-stars in the early 1990s.

How Old is Holly Hallstrom?

Holly Hallstrom was born Holly Anne Hallstrom on 24 August 1952 in San Antonio, Texas. As of March 2022, she is 69 years old.

She Started Her Modeling Career While in College

Hallstrom was a college student in her late teens and early twenties. During that time, she booked part-time modeling jobs to help pay for her education.

Soon after, she obtained the one job that would change her life forever while visiting Los Angeles, CA. Eventually, Hallstrom waved farewell to her college studies. That job was auditioning to be the newest Barker's Beauty on the television game show The Price is Right, following the departure of former model Anitra Ford, who had been on the show since its inception in 1972, to pursue professions in real estate and photography the previous fall.

She Joined 'The Price is Right' in 1972

The American television game show, The Price is Right was created by Mark Goodson, Bob Stewart, and Bill Todman. The show premiered on CBS on 4 September 1972. 

The game show centers on contestants fighting for cash and prizes by correctly valuing products. When the announcer says the show's iconic tagline, "Come on down!" contestants are chosen from the studio crowd.

Bob Barker remained the longest-serving host From the show's inception in 1972 until his retirement in June 2007, when Drew Carey took over. Beginning with Johnny Olson, followed by Rod Roddy, and finally Rich Fields, Barker was accompanied by a series of announcers. Eventually, in April 2011, George Gray took over as the show's announcer.

Since its start, The Price Is Right has aired over 9,000 episodes, making it one of the longest-running network shows in American television history. Moreover, the show was deemed the "best game show of all time" by TV Guide in a 2007 article.

The program's 50th season debuted on 13 September 2021.

Holly Hallstrom, along with Anitra Ford, Janice Pennington, Dian Parkinson, and Kathleen Bradley, are among the models who have appeared on the show.

Hallstrom says Working on 'The Price is Right' was a Dream Come True

Hallstrom started working on the show in 1977 after replacing Anitra Ford as the third model for The Price is Right.

In a 2005 interview with CNN, when asked is her prestigious job title as The Price is Right presenter was a dream come true for her, Hallstrom replied, "Absolutely. Absolutely. And that -- and in those years, those early years, it was fun. I would pinch myself, saying, "I can't believe I got this job." You know? It was great."

She further explained that the producers, however, changed throughout time. Hallstrom mentioned that after Mr. Barker was promoted to executive producer, the entire vibe on set began to deteriorate.

Why Did Holly Hallstrom Leave 'The Price Is Right?'

Hallstrom was fired from The Price is Right in September 1995 by host Bob Barker. Barker had ordered her off the show because she had gained 14 pounds (6.4 kg) because of a prescription medicine she was taking. Hallstrom later claimed that her dismissal was because she refused to support Barker when another model, Dian Parkinson, filed a sexual harassment claim against him.

She also noted publicly that she wouldn't defend Bob Barker against another model on the show, Dian Parkinson, who was suing him for sexual harassment. 

"Sexual harassment. Yes. And Mr. Barker came to me, and he said, "I've set up interviews and talk shows, and I want you to say specifically that Diana's lying. And that she's a liar." Hallstrom stated in a 2005 interview with CNN. "And I -- I found the whole thing tacky, and I didn't want to have anything to do with it. And then, later on, he asked me to recall his firing of a director differently than it happened. And it was downhill from there."

Barker filed a libel and slander suit against Hallstrom, alleging that she was lying, but dropped the case 48 hours before the trial. Hallstrom was declared the winner by the court, and Barker was ordered to pay Hallstrom's legal fees. On the other hand, Hallstrom sued Barker for age, weight, and medical discrimination, as well as wrongful termination and malicious prosecution (Hallstrom v. Barker). Hallstrom eventually received a multimillion-dollar settlement in October 2005.

The payout may have been higher, but early settlement agreements all included a "hush clause" that prohibited Hallstrom from speaking negatively about Barker to any kind of media. However, Barker declined to sign the settlement agreement's mutuality clause, maintaining the right to talk freely against Hallstrom in the media. To keep her right to speak about the issue and to shield herself from what she termed "Bob Barker's shameful manipulation of the media," Hallstrom agreed to a lower monetary settlement with no hush provision.

When asked why she didn't take the multimillion-dollar settlement, Hallstrom said, "Well, you know, there -- there's a flaw in our judicial system that allows a powerful or rich defendant to just drag the little person through the courts until he breaks you. And I was determined that was not going to happen to me. And that's why I refused the larger settlements because I wanted to retain my right to free speech."

Hallstrom noted she wanted to get a message out saying, "I think it's important that people know that in the workplace, you cannot be forced to do anything illegal, whether it's lie for your boss or endure sexual harassment, or in Mr. Barker's case, racial discrimination, he was also sued for."

Hallstrom Setup a Foundation with her Settlement Money

She has also established a foundation for people who have been subjected to unfair or malicious workplace conditions and lack the power or resources (financial or otherwise) to take on powerful individuals (such as their boss or CEO) or large corporations, despite having a valid, non-frivolous claim.

When inquired about what Hallstrom would do with her money in an interview with CNN, she said she would use the money for good use. 

"I'm setting up a foundation. Is this ironic or what? I'm setting up a foundation to help people who find themselves in similar situations, when you have a legitimate lawsuit, you've got all the evidence, the testimony, everything. But you're up against some big, rich, powerful defendant who can just drag you through the courts until they break you. And no one should have to make the choice between their home or their lawsuit."

During the nearly ten years her lawsuit remained in court, she spent all of her resources and money. Hallstrom sold her house and ended up living out of her car during her lowest point throughout those years. "I refused to give up and let that evil old bastard win," she stated in interviews about that time in her life.

Is Holly Hallstrom Dead or Alive?

There are rumors floating around the internet that Hallstrom died in the early 2000s because she hasn't been seen on TV or in the media. However, it is known that she is alive.

Hallstrom has retired from acting in TV shows in the late 1990s but returned multiple times as a guest on talk shows. 

What is Holly Hallstrom Doing Now?

Hallstrom is currently semi-retired and resides in one of several homes she owns in and around San Antonio. She performs infrequent interviews for CNN, The Today Show, and The View.

Hallstrom has never married and has no kids, which is why she feels she was the only Price Is Right contestant who could stand up to "miserable tyranny at the hands of a mad dictator" (regarding Barker). 

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