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  • Full Name Hannah Dasher
  • Occupation TikTok star, Country Music Artist
  • Nationality American
  • Birthplace Savannah, Georgia
  • Birth Date 17 March (Exact birth year undisclosed)
Country Music Artist, Creator of the TikTok series 'Stand by Your Pan'

Hannah Dasher | Biography

Dasher got the copyright of the name and the concept of 'Stand By Your Pan,' as she thought it would be a great idea to work in the future

Hannah Dasher has been passionate on country music since a young age and began writing songs from her college days. She debuted with the singles 'The Tree' and 'Stoned Age' in 2019 and released tracks 'Girls Call the shots' and 'Left Right' in 2021. Dasher also released a studio collection, 'The Half Record,' in 2021. She believes that the current generation's country music listeners could hear and feel the legacy of the previous generation's country music from her music.

Hannah Dasher is a country music artist who created the TikTok series 'Stand By Your Pan.'

Who is Hannah Dasher?

Hannah Dasher is an American TikTok personality and a country singer/musical artist. After graduating from the University of Georgia, Dasher relocated to Nashville. She lived in an attic on Music Row. She worked five days a week at Bass Pro Shops, selling fishing boats and engines before getting fired for composing songs on the job.

However, she made it a point to compulsorily network, get her foot in the door for any opportunities for co-writes. She also promised to do at least five things a day to promote her career on her two days off each week. She even designed t-shirts featuring lyrics by great artists like Conway Twitty as instant conversation starters.

Dasher slowly began being noticed around town, which got her gigs at writer's evenings and local showcases like Whiskey Jam and earned a nickname of 'Hannah Damn Dasher' from her peers.

Eventually, she gained attention from audiences throughout the country and received chances to open for country legends such as Bocephus, The Cadillac Three, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. She even got her first publishing contract and the first official co-writing for Brad Paisley's 'Go To Bed Early.'

Dasher was soon signed by Sony Nashville, after which she began publishing her music. Her debut singles were 'The Tree' and 'Stoned Age,' both released in 2019.

Eventually, Dasher gained local audiences' attention, received opportunities to perform at bars, and conducted opening sessions for legendary artists like Bocephus, The Cadillac Three, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. She soon got a recording deal, and she co-wrote Brad Paisley's song 'Go To Bed Early.'

Soon after that, she debuted with the singles 'The Tree' and 'Stoned Age' in 2019. Later she signed a recording deal with Sony Nashville and released 'Girls Call the shots' in 2020 and 'Left Right' in 2021. Along with the singles, she launched an EP The Half Record in 2021, which she proclaims embodies the essence of 80s and 90s country songs.

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During the pandemic, Dasher began a food content series Stand By Your Pan on TikTok, and it gained prominence because of her humor-filled cooking recipes. She accumulated 1.4 million subscribers on the app, along with 15.4 million likes.

In 2021, Dasher was enlisted on the CMT's 'Next Women of the Country Artist,' which incorporates the upcoming promising artist in the country music genre. She also got a place on the Fender's ‘2021 Next Artist' list.

Early Bio and Education

Dasher was raised in the countryside of Savannah around the mid-Atlantic coast of Georgia. Her birthday falls on 17 March. But, some sources claim her birth year to be 1986, while some cite it as 1989. 

Dasher grew up singing and loving music. She reminisced that she decided to become an entertainer at 3 after she witnessed Alan Jackson perform. Dasher also proclaimed that she was the 'youngest member of Alan Jackson fan club' while growing up.

Further, in an interview, she said that every day after school, she looked forward to coming home and listening to country music on the radio. Then on the weekends, her parents often organized gatherings with barbeque, music, and Dasher could not get enough songs to be played every weekend.

At 14, her father presented a guitar. Dasher went to middle school, high school and got introduced to rock and roll music. She also realized that even women could sing and perform on stage.

After high school, Dasher went to the University of Georgia. Her parents got divorced during her freshmen year, and she discovered songwriting as a medium to release her pent-up emotions. One of her classmates identified her talent from the quality of her songs and suggested Dasher find a publishing deal. It encouraged Dasher to pursue music professionally.

TikTok: 'Stand By Your Pan'

Dasher took some personal time for her emotional and mental growth during the pandemic. From 2020, she indulged in the TikTok app and began uploading videos on her favorite cooking recipes along with her jokes.

She named the food content series Stand By Your Pan on her official account. Dasher even got the name and the concept copyrighted as she thought it was a great idea to work in the future, even if it does not work out on the app.

However, Dasher's TikTok itself took off with 1.4 million followers with 17.9 million likes as of February 2022.

Songs and Albums

Subsequently, in 2020, Dasher released another single, 'Girls Call the shots' and then 'Left Right' in 2021.

Further in 2021, she also released a studio collection The Half Record. She initially wanted to launch a full album. But, Dasher underwent some financial constraints that led her to put out only half of what she intended. The collection includes five tracks, including 'Leave This Bar' and her favorite track, 'You're Gonna Love Me.'

In an interview, Dasher proudly said that she could see the influence of 80s and 90s country music in her songs. She also believes that the current generation's country music listeners could hear and feel the legacy of the previous generation's country music from her music.

She added, "…When I listen back, I love that I can hear my 80s and 90s country influences in my music. [Producer Brandon Hood] did a great job of capturing that, like on the song "Leave This Bar," it's got this Reba vibe to it, and then when you hear the band jamming and the breakdown at the end of "You're Gonna Love Me," and especially in "Left Right," you hear my Lynyrd Skynyrd, honky tonk, swampy Jamey Johnson. You hear my influences in a lot of those songs, and so I'm really excited to see what The Half Record is going to do, to see the impact that it's going to have…."

Her new song titled 'Tall Boy' released in October 2021.


Further, in 2021, Dasher is set to tour for her The Half Record album along with You're Gonna Love Me Tailgate Tour. In October 2021, she has been set to perform in a concert at the Madison Theater alongside Steel Woods.

In October 2021, Reba McEntire, multi-media artist and Country Music Hall of Famer, announced her highly anticipated REBA: LIVE IN CONCERT tour. It was originally organized to begin in March 2020 but was postponed to 2021 because of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, it was further rescheduled and began in early 2022. The tour will continue until March of this year.

Dasher along with Brandy Clark, Caylee Hammack, Reyna Roberts, Caitlyn Smith, Brittney Spencer, and Tenille Townes are among the amazing female performers who joined the country music legend on the road (on various dates).

Hannah Dasher with Reba McEntire
Hannah Dasher with Reba McEntire in January 2022 (Photo: Instagram)

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