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  • Full Name Fred Goldman
  • Nationality American
  • Birthplace Illinois, USA
  • Birth Date Dec 06, 1940
  • Age 83 Years, 6 Months
Father of Murder Victim Ron Goldman

Fred Goldman | Biography

Goldman claims that received only $132,000 out of the 33.5 million as of February 2021, from OJ Simpson and the payment had totaled to 70 million due to the delay

Though OJ Simpson was not an initial suspect, he was arrested later and eventually acquitted due to lack of evidence. But, Fred Goldman, who is still mourning for his son's death, did not believe OJ was innocent and filed a civil liability case. And this time, OJ lost. The judgment ordered OJ to pay 33.5 million to Goldman's family, which Fred claims the former had paid only $132,000 as of February 2021, and the total had gone up to $70 million with interest due to the delay in the payment.

Fred Goldman is the father of Ron Goldman, who was allegedly killed in the twin murder along with Nicole Brown Simpson, the ex-wife of the football player OJ Simpson, in 1994.

Who is Fred Goldman?

Fred Goldman is the father of Ron Goldman. Ron was one of the victims of the double murder on 12 June 1994, along with Nicole Brown Simpson. Nicole Brown Simpson was a soccer player and the ex-wife of the infamous Buffalo Bills player OJ Simpson. After the 12 June event, there were claims that Ron and Nicole knew each other before the incident. But the claims remain disputable in the media.

Ron was 25 years old, and Nicole was 35 when the killings occurred.

On 12 June 1994

On the incident day of 12 June 1994, Ron worked as a waiter at the Los Angeles restaurant where Nicole Brown dined on the afternoon of the same day. He went to Nicole’s residence that evening to return a pair of sunglasses that Nicole’s mother had left behind at the restaurant. Shortly after midnight, Nicole and Ron’s bodies were found on the driveway leading to Nicole’s residence. They were both stabbed to death.

OJ Simpson and the Trial

Football player and Nicole’s ex-husband OJ Simpson was not the initial suspect of the murder. Though he was in Los Angeles on 12 June, he had for Chicago late that night. Upon his return the next day, he was questioned but not arrested.

However, after further investigation, the prosecutors of the case directed OJ to surrender on 17 June on the allegation of murdering Nicole and Ron. But OJ disobeyed the order and tried to flee his residence. It led the police to chase him alongside the South Californian freeways with maximum resources, including a helicopter. The entire chase was broadcasted on American networking channels and was estimated to have been watched live by over 95 million people. Eventually, OJ was arrested, taken to custody, and a trial took place for the alleged killings.

The infamous OJ Simpson Trial of 1995 was one of the most covered judicial procurement as its content had shocked the entire nation. It incorporated an array of OJ’s defense lawyers, followed by the prosecutor’s tedious evidence collection, presenting arguments over OJ’s innocence over the allegations. One particular part of the evidence exhibition that greatly impacted the case was the glove-fitting session.

The prosecutors had submitted a glove that was supposed to have been used by the killer during the crime. They had also submitted another hand glove that was confiscated from OJ’s house. OJ was subjected to wear the glove and demonstrate the ‘fit’ to the jury, which was supposed to prove OJ guilty as per the prosecution. But, the glove did not fit him; neither did other evidence prove him as the killer, eventually acquitting him from the allegation of killing Nicole and Ron.

Civil Liability Case

Even after the 1995 trial, Fred was not ready to believe OJ was innocent. He filed a civil liability case against OJ, which, unlike the trial, made OJ lose.

The liability judgment ordered OJ to pay the Goldman family $33.5 million. However, in 2007, OJ was found guilty of armed robbery for attempting to reclaim the memorabilia taken from him following the trial. OJ was imprisoned for 11 years in prison in this connection.

After OJ was released on parole in 2018, Fred Goldman claimed that OJ was making a significant amount of money but not paying off the liability dues. He further claimed that OJ had paid only $132,000 out of 33.5 million as of February 2021. Fred also noted that the elongated payment had built up interest, and the total due had become $70 million in total.

OJ, however, did not make any formal statement on the liability dues. In an interview with The Athletic, he revealed that he has not traveled to Los Angeles due to the fear of encountering or being next to Ron and Nicole’s murderer.

Pandemic Scare

OJ also stated that he was scared of possible Coronavirus contraction as he was suffering from breathing problems during the pandemic. And it left to him to fear death for the first time in his life.

Fred commented on OJ’s statement, remarking that it took OJ a significant amount of time to think about his death. The comment made headlines because of the gravity of the past incident.

Fred, who is still mourning over his son’s wrongful death, told the media on OJ’s death scare, “Honestly, the only thing that strikes a chord with me is that he didn’t think about death before. I think about his death all the time. I can think of no one better suited to be underground.”

He further added on his son’s absence and OJ’s alleged freedom, “I certainly don’t think he deserves any sympathy. He’s alive, he’s free. He can do anything he wants. Everything my son can’t do…”

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