Frances Swaggart | Biography

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  • Full Name Frances Swaggart
  • Occupation TV Personality, Author, Evangelist, Pastor, Entrepreneur
  • Nationality American
  • Birth Date Aug 09, 1937
  • Age 86 Years, 8 Months
Wife of Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart, Host of the show 'Frances and Friends'

Frances Swaggart | Biography

Frances is the author of a couple of books, namely 'The Modern Babylon,' and 'And Sarah Saw'

Frances facilitates a daily two-hour TV program, 'Frances and Friends,' on the SonLife Broadcasting Network. Her husband, Jimmy Swaggart, owns and operates the network. The program manages all that relates to the Lord, the Bible. The dignitaries on the panel range from Bible teachers to priests, scholars, and consultants. The show is running on its third season as of September 2021.

Frances Swaggart is the host of the religious program, 'Frances and Friends' on the evangelic channel, SonLife Broadcasting Network.

Who is Frances Swaggart?

Swaggart is the host of the religious program Frances and Friends on the SonLife Broadcasting Network. She is better recognized as the wife of popular gospel artist and televangelist Jimmy Swaggart. She is also the co-founder and co-pastor of Family Worship Center – a home church to her husband's Swaggart's ministries.

When was Frances Swaggart born?

Frances Swaggart was born on 9 August 1937 in the United States.


Frances facilitates a daily two-hour TV program, Frances and Friends, on the SonLife Broadcasting Network. Her husband, Jimmy Swaggart, owns and operates the network.

Frances and Friends is a live transmission talk-show segment that abides by the format of a panel discussion and talks through contemporary occurrences, doctrinal inquiries, and information pertinent to the audiences. The program manages all that relates to the Lord, the Bible. The dignitaries on the panel range from Bible teachers to priests, scholars, and consultants. 

The show is running on its third season as of September 2021.

Other Duties

Frances Swaggart's husband, Jimmy Swaggart, began full-time ministry in 1955 and continues to date. His ministries engage around 255 employees. Frances is the Chief Financial Officer of the ministry. She is also in charge of the financial matters within the Ministry. 

"To replace her, I would need ten people, and even then she could not be replaced," Jimmy Swaggart stated in the Frances & Friends newsletter, alluding to the density of her duties.

Frances is also the co-founder and co-pastor of Family Worship Center, Jimmy Swaggart Ministry's home church.


She has authored a couple of books, namely 'The Modern Babylon,' published in 2006, and 'And Sarah Saw' published in 2016.

Personal Life

Frances married Jimmy on 10 October 1952. They initially met at a church and got married when Frances was 15 years old, and Jimmy was 17. In the official newsletter of Frances & Friends, Jimmy stated that, aside from his salvation, Frances is the best thing that has ever happened to him.

"I have said many times about her, I believe she has the talent and the ability to run General Motors if she had to do so. Now some may claim that I'm prejudiced and that they would be absolutely correct; however, what I am saying, I also happen to believe it to be the Truth", Jimmy said.

Husband Jimmy Swaggart 

Jimmy Swaggart is a gospel musician and televangelist from the United States. He sensed the divine in his life after a spectacular salvation experience at the age of eight. Jimmy spent countless hours studying the Bible and praying before deciding to play the piano after attending a revival service. Unlike his siblings, who had a natural knack for music, he feels God gave him the ability to play the piano. His debut album, Some Golden Daybreak, was launched in 1958, and he has sold over 17 million records since then. In 1976, another album, Live From Nashville, was nominated for a 'Grammy Award' for 'Best Album.'

His sustained popularity as a gospel music performer assisted in his venture to launch his own local television ministry, which began with a weekly broadcast in 1975. Swaggart quickly gained a significant view following of two million households across the US by the mid-1980s, catapulting him to the reputation of a prominent and successful evangelical preacher of that time.

Accusations and Sexual Misconduct

Jimmy Swaggart openly accused his fellow televangelist Jim Bakker of morally reprehensible sexual conduct in 1987. The condemnation, which some perceived as Swaggart's attempt to take over Bakker's realm, prompted thorough scrutiny of Swaggart's own life, revealing that he was engaged in lascivious acts with a female sex worker. Despite his distraught public apology in February 1988, Swaggart was disbarred by the Assemblies of God. He even had to fight lawsuits for sexual misconduct allegations filed against him. Swaggart handed over the management of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries, Inc. to his son, Donnie, following the scandals.


Swaggart rejuvenated his accomplishments by introducing the SonLife Radio Network on national radio stations and eventually on the Internet in 1995. His work is being carried on into the twenty-first century through a monthly magazine called The Evangelist and the establishment of an evangelical church congregation called the Family Worship Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Furthermore, Jimmy Swaggart Ministries started the SonLife Broadcasting Network in 2009. It is a global Christian television network that broadcasts both live and taped programs.


The couple has a son named Donnie. He emanates the same evangelical zeal as his father and has been in full-time ministry for almost 25 years. He goes by the credential of Pastor/ Evangelist. Donnie functions as a co-pastor of the Family Worship Center Church with his father and mother. Furthermore, he is a constant speaker at the Jimmy Swaggart Ministry Campmeetings, giving passionate sermons about the Holy Spirit.

Donnie has a wife named Debbie and lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He has three children: Gabriel, Mathew, and Jennifer and eight grandkids.

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