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  • Full Name Cody Rigsby
  • Occupation Fitness & Dancing Instructor
  • Nationality American
  • Birthplace California, USA
  • Birth Date Jul 08, 1987
  • Age 36 Years, 10 Months
Fitness Instructor At Peloton

Cody Rigsby | Biography

Proclaimed King of Quarantine

He relocated to New York permanently in 2009. He then worked at gay bars as a professional dancer on high-profile acts for Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, 'Saturday Night Live,' and more. He simultaneously worked in the fashion industry, working for startups like streetwear brands. 

Cody Rigsby is an American fitness instructor who rose to prominence as a Peloton cycling instructor in 2020.

Who is Cody Rigsby? 

Cody Rigsby was born on 8 July 1987 in California. Rigsby celebrated his 34th birthday in 2021. He was raised in Greensboro, North Carolina, by his mom Cindy as a single parent. He grew up witnessing his mom recovering from drug addiction while working as a waitress.

Cody Rigsby and his mother Cindy
Cody Rigsby with his mom Cindy in December 2018. (Photo: Facebook)

Rigsby developed a strong passion for dancing in middle school. Despite having a strong desire, he didn't join dance classes because his mom couldn't afford them. 

Later, he started taking a free ballet class at a community center during his freshman year in college in Greensboro. He told the Washington Post in July 2021 that he took the ballet class though being much taller and older than other members of the ballet class because it was free.

Eventually, his ballet classmate informed him about an internship program at the Broadway Dance Center in New York. He then worked at Steak 'n Shake, saved up $1,000 in his bank account, and went to New York.

In New York, the freedom in the city allowed him to figure out himself as a gay. His first New York Pride further empowered and encouraged him to come out to his mom and friends in Greensboro.

He relocated to New York permanently in 2009. He then worked at gay bars as a professional dancer on high-profile acts for Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Saturday Night Live, and more. He simultaneously worked in the fashion industry, working for startups like streetwear brands. 


While Rigsby was hustling in New York, a choreographer friend helped him secure his job as an instructor for a cycling company called Peloton in 2014. His initial salary was $150 per class. He leaped at every opportunity to take as many classes as he could. He told the Washington Post that he even taught 14 to 15 classes a week at one point.

When gyms and fitness studios shuttered in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Peloton enjoyed rapid economic growth due to the increased demand for at-home fitness subscriptions and workouts. According to a financial report, the company accumulated revenue of $607.1 million, a 172% increase over last year.

As the Peloton's instructor, Rigsby's fame also rose to new heights during that time. He told Vogue in November 2020 that someone even called him 'king of quarantine.' In addition to his job as an instructor, Rigsby is also Peloton's cycling director. As the company's cycling director, he helps recruit and develop new instructors in the USA and abroad.


Despite the thriving career as a Peloton instructor, the exact salary and financial bio of Rigsby is yet to be known. One individual familiar with Peloton told Bloomberg in 2021 that senior instructors make upwards of $500,000 in total compensation.

According to property records reported by The New York Post, Rigsby bought a $1.46 million penthouse apartment in Brooklyn, New York, in June 2021.

'Dancing with the Stars Rigsby

Rigsby joined the ABC reality show Dancing with the Stars as one of the celebrity participants in its Season 30 in September 2021. His dancing partner on the show was professional dancer Cheryl Burke. The duo became the second runner-up on the show in November 2021.


On 4 February 2021, Rigsby revealed on his Instagram story that he tested positive for COVID-19. He updated his diagnosis on his Instagram story, following his followers' concerns about his absence from social media for over a week. He said he had been dealing with COVID-19 for two weeks, and he had been very sick. "I have never been more sick in my entire life. It is a very real virus." 

Even after two weeks of diagnosis, he said he was experiencing different severe symptoms, including extreme fatigue and cough. He later returned to the Peloton's studio after resting for a few weeks and recovering from COVID-19.

On 30 September 2021, he announced on another Instagram story that he tested positive for COVID-19 for the second time. Fortunately, he said his symptoms were significantly less severe than when he had COVID-19 for the first time in February. He said he just had mild congestion, a minor headache, and a cough.

His diagnosis came a few days after his Dancing with the Stars partner revealed she had tested positive for COVID-19. The duo appeared on Good Morning America on 1 October 2021 to announce they would continue to compete on the show, dancing virtually and separately. He eventually recovered and became the second runner-up on the show. Now, he is living a healthy life in Brooklyn, New York.

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