Christina Bobb | Biography

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  • Full Name Christina Bobb
  • Occupation Journalist, Former Official at US Marine Corps, Attorney
  • Nationality American
  • Birth Date Nov 04, 1985
  • Age 38 Years, 7 Months
  • Birthplace USA
Host of One America News Network's 'Weekly Briefing with Christina Bobb'

Christina Bobb | Biography

Christina Bobb along with OAN colleague Chanel Rion co-founded an NGO Voices and Votes

Christina Bobb became the Executive Director of Policy at Customs and Border Protection in the Trump administration. During those days, she was also seen with Trump officials in the conference room with the rest of the president's team. Her presence created confusion among campaign personnel whether she was there as a reporter to embed with Trump's legal "strike force." But, Bobb supported former US President Trump's long-shot legal initiative and took up a double position as a pro-Trump lawyer and as a pro-Trump television host at One America News Network.

Christina Bobb is a host of the show Weekly Briefing with Christina Bobb in One America News Network (OAN).

Who Is Christina Bobb?

Christina Bobb is an American television personality, journalist, newscaster, attorney, and former Executive Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). She was in charge of all written correspondence to and from the Secretary and Deputy Secretary in this position. She was also in charge of the department's briefings, congressional authorization reports, testimony, and questions of record processes. 

Before joining DHS, Bobb worked in the United States Marine Corps as a Judge Advocate and was stationed in Afghanistan and Virginia. She also worked as an operations officer in Stuttgart, Germany, where she briefed senior management on current operations in Europe and Africa. Most recently, she worked at the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy's Office of Legal Counsel.

Age & Early Life 

Christina Bobb was born on 4 November 1985, but the details of her birthplace and parents are unknown. She went to Mountain Pointe High School for her high school education. After that, Bobb joined Arizona State University and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Arts. She did her Master's in Business Administration from San Diego State University.

She also has a Juris Doctor (J.D.) from the California Western School of Law and a Master of Laws (L.L.M) in National Security Law from Georgetown University Law Center.

Early Career

Christina Bobb is a well-known attorney with a specialization in National Security Law and Litigation specialist. She began her professional career as a Judge Advocate in the US Marine Corps, and she was stationed in Afghanistan, Helmand Province, and Stuttgart, Germany.

Her military service included positions in operational legislation and criminal defense. She was a defense attorney who represented marines and sailors in court-martials and administrative separation proceedings. Bobb was also mobilized to Marine Corps Forces Europe and Africa in Stuttgart, Germany. As a current operations officer, she was in charge of daily briefings on Europe and Africa to the top leadership.

Following her military service, Bobb worked as a lawyer at Higgs, Fletcher, and Mack LLP, San Diego's oldest firm, where she represented major institutional clients in corporate legal issues.

Home Land Security

In 2018, Bobb became the Executive Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. As the Executive Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Christina managed official written correspondence for the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security. Her office was also in charge of the Department's processes for answering mail and providing the Secretary's briefing binder, congressional authorization files, hearing testimony, and questions for the record (QFR) relating to legislative authorizing committees.

The same year, she also became the Executive Director of Policy at Customs and Border Protection in the Trump administration. During those days, she was also seen with Trump officials in the conference room with the rest of the president's team.

Her attendance had generated some confusion among genuine campaign personnel, who doubted if she was there as a reporter to embed with Trump's legal "strike force." However, according to many sources, Bobb supported former US President Trump's long-shot legal initiative taking up a double position as a pro-Trump lawyer and as a pro-Trump television host.

'Weekly Briefing with Christina Bobb'

Upon her time in the Trump administration, Bobb entered One America News Network, where she hosted Weekly Briefing with Christina Bobb. The political chat show aired Saturday and Sunday at 2 p.m. EST.

She joined the network in June 2020, covering breaking news from the Trump administration. "We're pleased to have Christina join our DC reporting staff. It's an exciting time for One America News, which has seen explosive growth in ratings performance over the last year," said Robert Herring, Founder, and CEO of Herring Networks, Inc.

In her talk show, Bobb had conversations with national leaders on current political and economic issues. The leaders gave their opinions directly from policymakers about what influences their decisions. It also featured a panel of experts and their exclusive perspectives examining the news in the show.

Christina Bobb
Christina Bobb on the sets on OANN Weekly Briefing in October 2021 (Photo: Instagram)

Arizona Audit Controversy

Bobb had been "covering" the Arizona audit (assessing the ballots of the Maricopa county) of the 2020 election. According to The Arizona Republic, Bobb was apparently assisting with fundraising called Voices and Votes and sending information to the Arizona Senate president as part of the Republican-backed audit. Her auditing was even termed as "shady, irresponsible, harmful" by other publishing houses. 

As per Business Insider, in early December 2020, Bobb was furnishing Arizona Senate President Karen Fann with witness declarations, statements, and expert testimony to assist the Republican-led effort to overturn President Joe Biden's 45,000-vote victory over former President Donald Trump in Maricopa County. 

According to research gathered by Media Matters' Bobby Lewis for The Daily Beast, Bobb promoted her nonprofit organization Voice & Votes in 22 separate episodes, urging viewers to donate to the organization to help pay the audits. Meanwhile, OAN broadcasted the segments a total of 148 times.

Bobb encouraged viewers to ensure that the Arizona audit was "fully funded" and "help get other states out to Arizona to mimic this audit" throughout several portions, some of which had been broadcast on-air over nine times. 

In April 2020, Bobb claimed on OAN, a far-right cable channel that Biden was not a legitimate president, and added that the audit had begun and it would soon expose "the Democrats' schemes" for 2020.

Voices and Votes

Bobb and fellow OAN star Chanel Rion, also identified as the group's chief marketing officer, co-founded Voices and Votes. Rion is the White House correspondent for OAN, and she has a history of promoting bizarre conspiracy ideas. 

Voices and Votes is a small group of lawyers, communicators, business owners, and entrepreneurs who believe in freedom of speech, election integrity and are dedicated to protecting them. According to its official website, "We believe the freedom of speech protects not only the popular opinion, but also the unpopular opinion. Voices and Votes is a place where the majority can speak freely and not get canceled by the political class controlling the mainstream media. The recent encroachment on limiting freedom of speech has threatened the most sacred voice Americans have, our right to elect our leaders."

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