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  • Full Name Brandi Love
  • Occupation Businessman
  • Nationality American
  • Birthplace USA
  • Birth Date 1972 (Exact birth date not disclosed)
Husband of Adult Movie Star Brandi Love, aka Tracy Livermore, Founder of TJC Asset Management Company

Chris Potoski | Biography

Potoski & Livermore have been married for over two decades.

Chris Potoski is widely known as the husband of Brandi Love, aka Tracy Livermore. Potoski met his future wife, Livermore, in college. They got married right after his graduation on 10 February 1995. The couple also shares a daughter.

Chris Potoski is the founder of TJC Asset Management company. He is also known as the husband of American adult movie star Brandi Love.

Who Is Chris Potoski?

Chris Potoski is the founder and Chief Operating Officer of TraceyJordan Properties and JC Asset Management. He founded TJC Assets Management Company, an asset management company, in 2004. A decade later, he established a subsidiary company after it. It was a luxury property development company called TracyJordan Properties.

He is also prominently known as the husband of the infamous adult star Tracy Livermore, also known as Brandi Love. The couple met at college while studying for his bachelor's degree. They got married after college in 1995, and he began working as a business development director at Curative Health Services in East Setauket, New York.

Subsequently, while working at National Healing Corporation, in 2004, he was hit by a heart attack. The stress of work and frequent travels took a toll on his body, leading to the attack. Although he did not suffer permanent injuries, he had to change careers for his health.

In the same year, Potoski quit his vice president position at healing corporation and invested in Grapevine Greetings Company. He created wine tags and wine quotes cards while investing in online marketing, including the adult entertainment industry. Eventually, the company flourished, and he sold it in 2008 to reinvest in Invixis Media System.

Early Life

Born in 1972, Potoski grew up in a state care facility called Eagle Village in Michigan. He spent his junior and high school years under state care. He attended Walled Lake Western High School, Commerce Township, Michigan, and graduated with a GED. Then he was moved to another state program called independent living for college.

After that, Potoski was guided by a social worker, and the state gave him allowance for sustenance. He planned to either enroll in college or join the military. However, there were limited college options for him because of his GED. Therefore, he moved to the city, Big Rapids, determined to get into Ferris State University.

Eventually, after a couple of attempts, he got in, and he was enrolled for a summer semester on a probationary term. Then later in 1990, he transferred from Ferris State to Central Michigan University. From there graduated with a 3.8 GPA in Bachelors double major in Kinesiology and Psychology alongside Physiology in 1995.


In 1995, Potoski joined the Curative Health Services in East Setauket, New York, as the Director of Business Development. He worked there for five years until 2000. Then he joined the National Healing Corporation in Florida as the Vice President of Business Development. His position led him to travel hundreds of times a year to give presentations to many people, company executives, and university boards. 

Heart Attack & Resignation

Although he excelled in his work, he was home or resting about nine days every month. Eventually, his workload and workaholic behavior crashed when he had a heart attack in March 2004.

Fortunately, Potoski did not attain any permanent damage from the attack, but his cardiologist strongly recommended that he opt for a career change. Instead, he found out that his body could not balance the pressure and stress of his work. So, he resigned from his position as Vice President and invested his savings in a business idea. 

New Business 

He and his wife, Tracy Livermore, now known as Brandi Love, founded a greetings label company in Northern California. It was called Grapevine Greetings, where they created custom cards of wine labels for special occasions. Their services featured wine tags, along with coded wine quotes for personal messages or signatures. 

Potoski and his business were flourishing, but he wanted to boost his services on an online platform. So, with the help of professional digital marketers, he invested in an online marketing scheme that also focused on advertising in the adult entertainment industry. By 2008, his site had created a domain portfolio and had sold out over 1000 domains. Along with that, Grapevine Greetings had also garnered significant revenues from adult websites.

Nevertheless, Potoski was more interested in macro-social networking like Myspace and just flourished Facebook. Hence, in 2008, he sold his business and reinvested them into another site, It was developed under Invixis Media System, and he was the founder-CEO of the company. Later, the media company was acquired in 2014.

Alongside from 2011 to 2013, he also worked as the vice-president of Regent Medical Solutions. While in 2004, he had founded an asset management company, TJC Assets Management Company, after which, in 2014, he established a luxury property development company called TracyJordan Properties. He also holds the position of Chief Operating Officer at both of his establishments.

Wife & Daughter

Potoski met his future wife Tracy Livermore, now known as Brandi Love, in college. They got married right after his graduation on 10 February 1995. Before moving on with their careers, they went to Mexico to spend their savings of $15000. They backpacked across the country for four months, and he recalled it to be one of the best experiences of his life. "In the very day of graduation, we left the ceremony, hopped into a Ryder Truck, still in my cap n gown, and moved to Florida. Because of my independent living status, I was able to obtain a number of grants and student loans to help pay for college. I worked nearly full time throughout and more than full time in the summer, he said in an interview with TalkTeck.

After launching Grapevine greetings, both acquired connections in the adult entertainment industry. Eventually, Tracy began acting in the industry, and both of them began living in an open relationship. Potoski and his wife also have a daughter, whose personal details have been enclosed by them due to privacy reasons.

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