Ali Vitali | Biography 2021

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  • Full Name Ali Vitali
  • Occupation Journalist
  • Nationality American
  • Birth Date Mar 22, 1990
  • Age 34 Years, 3 Months


Political Correspondent of NBC News

Ali Vitali | Biography 2021

She currently dates CNN's White House Correspondent Jeremy Diamond. They met, covering the same 2016 election for different news channels.

Ali Vitali got her big break when she joined NBC in 2015 as the White House Digital Reporter. She was chosen to report Donald Trump's campaign for President and his Republican Party. Vitali spent over two years as the campaign embed for NBC News, reporting the 2016 election both on-air and off-air. With that experience, she is set to write a book on her experience covering the 2016 election and about women in politics.

Ali Vitali is the Political Correspondent of the NBC News.

Who is Ali Vitali?

Ali Vitali grew up loving television broadcasting and politics. After graduating college, she found her true path in political reporting while working as a research intern at the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show.

She juggled from MNSNB to Sweet Lemon Media before landing the NBC, reporting the former president Donald Trump, who was running for the position, and the 2016 election from the White House. She spent over two years covering political issues, the Republican Party, and the presidential election as an on-air and off-air White House Reporter.

Vitali wrote about her analysis of the election and her close-up evolution of Trump's success and downfall on the NBC website. With that experience, she is set to publish a non-fictional book relating to women in politics and the 2020 election.

In 2017, Vitali was listed on the 'Top 25 Millennial Broadcasters In American News and Politics' by Huffington Post. She was promoted to Political Correspondent of NBC news in 2021.

Early Life

Ali Vitali was born in 22 March 1990. She graduated from Briarcliff High School in 2008 and enrolled at Tulane University.

At Tulane, she majored in Political Science and Communication and minored in English. She graduated in 2012 as a Magna Cum Laude Presidential Scholar with Departmental Honors.


As a child, Vitali loved watching the news on television, and she would report her family vacations pretending to be on a broadcast. She grew up following and liking politics but never conjoined politics with her passion for reporting.

However, after graduating college in 2011, she got a job as a Research Intern at the NBCUniversal show Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. During the internship, Vitali learned about political reporting for the first time and found her true career path.

Before working at NBCUniversal, Vitali interned at Vera Wang for a couple of months in 2009. She also worked as an Ad Sales and Marketing Intern for Primetime TV and Late Night TV in 2010.

In 2012, Vitali joined ABC News as a Production and Development Assistant. She then went on to work at Sweet Lemon Media as Vice President and Managing Editor from 2012 to 2014.

As a vice-president and managing editor, she worked with over 50 contributors and 5 editors of the publishing department. She also wrote weekly columns for their official website and bi-monthly columns for their digital magazine.

Meanwhile, she also worked at MSNBC as a Multimedia Editor and then Graphics Producer for the show The Cycle from 2013 to 2015. She was responsible for reporting original stories in both breaking news and special segments.

From the White House

Subsequently, in 2015, Vitali got her big break when she was chosen to former President Donald Trump's campaign for President and his Republican Party. She was posted to Washington as the White House Digital Reporter of the NBC.

Vitali spent over two years as the campaigns embed for NBC News, reporting every twist and turn of the 2016 election. She was on the field for months, reporting for NBC News platforms online and on-air. She even wrote a piece on her journey of tracking political reports for hours on end and walk, talk, think about the election.

In the article, she recalled how she was being 'glared at' by the infamous Kanye West and meeting Trump for the first time and the question she kept in front of him. "I first met Trump while he served jury duty in New York City in the summer of 2015, introduced by his longtime body man Keith Schiller. The first question I had a chance to ask him about was how he planned to pay for the wall on the Mexico border (he didn't really say)."

Further, she went on to add her thoughts on Trump's aura in the room, and she understood how he was accepted by most while severely disliked by others.

For her excellence during the election reporting, Vitali was enlisted on 'Top 25 Millennial Broadcasters In American News and Politics" by the Huffington Post in 2017.

After the election work, Vitali was promoted to Political reporter in 2018 and then to Political Correspondent in 2021.


In addition to her journalism insights, Vitali revealed in a 2020 interview that she is working on a book. She noted that her passion for politics inspired her to pen down her experience of the 2020 elections and the role of women in politics.

She also revealed her plans on her Twitter account, stating her bio, 'Author in Making.'

Personal Life

During her 2016 embed, Vitali met a fellow white house reporter for CNN, Jeremy Diamond, and fell in love. They initially encountered each other as competitors covering the same issue for a different news channel.

However, as they started hanging out at the campaign trail waiting for news and updates, they got comfortable with each other's presence. Eventually, Diamond asked her out for breakfast, and they found something other than politics to talk about and started reciprocating feelings.

They have been together since 2016. 

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