Aaron Wilburn | Biography

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  • Full Name Aaron Wilburn
  • Occupation Christian Singer, Songwriter, Humorist
  • Nationality American
  • Birthplace Alabama, USA
  • Birth Date July 09, 1950


Christian Singer, Songwriter, Humorist

Aaron Wilburn | Biography

Wilburn's hit song 'Four Days Late,' was co-written by his wife, Roberta

Aaron Wilburn had written more than 1,500 songs throughout his career. His songs could be categorized into Southern Gospel, Black Gospel, Country, Bluegrass, and Praise & Worship.

Aaron Wilburn was a Christian songwriter and humorist. He died on 27 November 2020 after battling with COVID-19.

Who is Aaron Wilburn?

Aaron Wilburn was Christian music's acclaimed songwriter and a renowned humorist. He started songwriting at 11. His first song was recorded when Wilburn was 15 years old. He then made his mark in Christian music in the 1970s when he co-worked with the legendary The Happy Goodman Family for a few years. Later, he pursued a solo career and wrote numerous songs, including the hits 'What A Beautiful Day,' 'Four Days Late,' and 'It's Beginning to Rain.' Furthermore, Wilburn was well known as a Christian humorist for his funny songs and stories.

Early Bio

Aaron Wilburn was born on 9 July 1950 in Ardmore, Alabama, to Eugene and Lola Wilburn. He had three siblings, brothers Alton Wilburn and Jackie Wilburn and a sister Betty Thornton.

Growing up, he used to go to a neighbor's house on Sunday mornings to watch The Happy Goodman Family and the Florida Boys on the Gospel Singing Jubilee on television, as he did not have a television at home. Wilburn told The Augusta Chronicle in September 2012 that his family did not have indoor plumbing until they moved to Huntsville. According to him, his family was sharecropping, and he worked in fields chopping cotton. He also said that his father used to trap minks and muskrats to sell their furs.

Early Career

As a child, Wilburn sang with his family in the church. He did not realize the availability of professional artists until he was 11 or 12. However, Wilburn decided to become a songwriter at a young age and began writing songs at 11. He once recalled his early days on how he, along with his sister and her boyfriend, went to see the country's music superstar Ernest Tubb in Huntsville at Dallas Street Armory when he was 13 years old.

Soon, Wilburn's songwriting got refined that his song titled 'Modern Age of Progress' was sung by a Georgia-based gospel group Sego Brothers and Naomi when he was just 15 years old. He then went on to write thousands of songs throughout his life.

The Happy Goodman Family 

At 21, Wilburn joined The Happy Goodman Family, a gospel singing group founded in the 1940s by Howard "Happy" Goodman and his brothers Sam and Rusty. Wilburn worked with The Happy Goodman Family for a few years as a songwriter and musician. He also traveled with them throughout the early 1970s. According to him, his quality of songwriting rose to a new level after he started traveling with The Happy Goodman Family and listening to the outstanding songs of the group.

Solo Career

After leaving The Happy Goodman Family, Wilburn pursued a solo career for over 40 years and wrote more than a thousand songs. His songs could be categorized into Southern Gospel, Black Gospel, Country, Bluegrass, and Praise & Worship. 

Many of his hit songs, including 'What A Beautiful Day,' and 'Just Any Day Now' was done by musician Eddie Crook. Wilburn had also co-written a song, 'Four Days Late,' with his wife, Roberta. Some of his music credits include 'It Took the Blood,' 'He Said Peace,' 'Goodbye To Mercy,' 'Rock For Ages,' 'I Found Him Faithful,' 'Sometimes Miracles Hide,' and 'Who Will be Jesus.' 

In an interview with Daniel J. Mount in February 2009, Wilburn said that he wrote more than 1500 songs until that time. 

Becoming a Humorist

A celebrated songwriter became a Christian humorist for his ability to blend humorous stories in his songs. Wilburn told The Augusta Chronicle that he started making more comedy songs after people constantly appreciated his sense of humor and made queries about such songs.


During his career, Wilburn performed in many Gospel concerts, church services, corporate banquets, and secular conventions all over the United States. He also showcased his talent in Canada, Mexico, and other countries. He frequently performed on Bill Gaither Homecoming concerts and on YouTube that earned him millions of views.

Awards and Honors

Wilburn won several awards and nominations during his five decades of career. Two of his songs, 'Who Will be Jesus' and 'Sometimes Miracles Hide,' earned him the 'GMA Dove Awards,' in the early 1990s. His two other songs, 'What A Beautiful Day' and 'Four Days Late,' were voted as the 'Song of The Year' at the 'Singing News Fan Awards,' in 1975 and 2001. Several of his songs topped the national radio charts and received numerous Grammy nominations.

Personal Life

Wilburn was married to his wife, Roberta. They have three children, Jim Wilburn, Tyler Wilburn, and Emily Wilburn.

In May 2010, Wilburn underwent a kidney transplant and got a kidney from his sister-in-law. Following the kidney transplant, he became an ambassador for the Kidney Foundation.


Wilburn died on 27 November 2020 at the age of 70 after battling with COVID-19.

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