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  • Full Name Derek Aaron Ruell
  • Occupation Actor, Director, Photographer
  • Nationality American
  • Birthplace Fresno, California, USA
  • Birth Date Jun 23, 1976
  • Age 48 Years, 0 Months
Kip Dynamite in American comedy Movie 'Napoleon Dynamite'

Aaron Ruell | Biography

Directed Commercials for Brands such as Coke and Burger King

In the 2004 American comedy movie Napoleon Dynamite—a storyline about the life of a socially awkward teenager (portrayed by actor Jon Heder) who has developed a crooked sense of reality due to having trouble fitting in his school and the outer environment—Ruell play's Napoleon's unemployed brother, Kip Dynamite, who pretends that he is a lady's favorite and a cage fighter in real life, which he is not.

Aaron Ruell is an American director who has directed commercials for brands like T-Mobile, Nintendo, Coke, and Burger King. He has also earned movies and television credits; he is prominently known for portraying one of the major characters, socially inept Kipland Dynamite, in the film Napoleon Dynamite.

Ruell also directed the hilarious Powerade commercial showing the Amish drag race between two hay bale-carrying, horse-drawn carts. The commercial was pulled off-air due to a lawsuit between Pepsi and Coca-Cola. 

Who is Aaron Ruell?

Ruell is an American director, actor, and photographer. He was born on 23 June 1976 in Fresno, California. His age is 45, as of 3 December 2021. He attended the Clovis West High School in Fresno, California. Later, he studied film at Brigham Young University (BYU). 

He has had a successful career as a director and photographer. Biscuit Filmworks in Los Angeles has represented his work as a director. In addition, he has been declared as one of the most promising new directors in the world of advertising by Shoot magazine and “one of the emerging directors to know now” by Creativity magazine.

He began his directing journey at the 2005 Sundance film festival, in which he directed two short films, Everything’s Gone Green and Mary. In the year 2007, Ruell appeared on On The Road With Judas—the acting project that participated in the ‘Dramatic Competition’ section of the Sundance Film Festival. In the movie, he played an accomplished Newyork businessman who is also a computer thief.  

Ruell’s television appearances include voice roles on Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! (2005) and animated sitcom Napoleon Dynamite (2012). 

Kip on ‘Napoleon Dynamite’

In the 2004 American comedy movie Napoleon Dynamite, Ruell plays Napoleon’s unemployed brother, Kip Dynamite. 

The movie is based on a storyline about the life of a socially awkward teenager, Napoleon (portrayed by actor Jon Heder), who has developed a twisted sense of reality due to having trouble fitting in his school and the outer environment.

His brother, Kip, pretends that he is a lady’s favorite and a cage fighter in real life, which he is not. Instead, Kip is an eccentric personality who spends much of his time in internet chat rooms but struggles to build a self-image in his real life.

Playing Kip

In an interview with ABC30 in 2019, Ruell recalled his experience playing the character Kip alongside his film school buddy from BYU, Jon Heder. 

The actor revealed that he got the inspiration for his character from an “impression of his brother.” He also recalled answering Heder that the movie wouldn’t be a hit when he was asked if he would pursue acting if the film would turn out to be a success. Ruell was initially pursuing photography.

The movie was produced by Sean Corvel, Jeremy Coon, and Chris Wyatt and written and directed by Heder and Ruell’sfim school friend, Jared Hess, and his wife, Jerusha Hess. 


Aaron Ruell is married to Yuka Ruell. She is an editor and actress known for Napoleon DynamiteBad Boys II, and Gentlemen Broncos. The pair reside in Portland, Oregon. 

What is Aaron Ruell’s Net Worth? 

According to celebrity net worth, Ruell has a net worth of $300 thousand as of 3 December 2021.

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