Melissa Brim | Biography 2021

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  • Full Name Melissa Brim
  • Occupation Businesswoman
  • Nationality America
  • Birthplace Missouri, USA
  • Birth Date Sep 30, 1975
  • Age 48 Years, 6 Months
  • Did You Know? Mayweather introduced himself by the fake name Shaheed when he first met Brim.
Ex Girlfriend of Former Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Melissa Brim | Biography 2021

Melissa Brim and Mayweather did not talk for five long years after their daughter Iyanna. She worked until she was eight and a half months pregnant and joined the work within eight weeks after giving birth. The couple still remains as friends and co-parent their daughter.

Melissa Brim is an American businesswoman famously known as the ex-girlfriend of a prominent ex-boxer and professional boxing promoter Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Who is Melissa Brim?

A Businesswoman and television actor, Melissa Brim is famously known for her relationship with former boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., who has an undefeated record with 15 major titles, including The Ring in five weight classes and the lineal championship in four weight classes and so on. Ever since they met, they entered into a relationship. It ended before their daughter was born. Brim continued to work at all stages of her life. She rejoined her work within weeks after giving birth. The couple did not talk for five years after their child was born and later became friends, co-parenting their daughter Iyanna. Mayweather also helped her to set up a boutique and salon.   

Early Life

Brim was born on September 30, 1975, in St. Louis, Missouri.


Brim joined Rio Hotel & Casino in 1999 as a waitress and maid. She also appeared on the HBO boxing documentary series 24/7 because of Mayweather and earned the name "Floyd Mayweather's baby mama,' which she considered as "a gift and a curse." She also runs a skincare business line by the name Rich Skinn, which offers a variety of beauty products.

Their First Meet

Brim was 16 years old and already a mother to her 8-month-old son when she first met Mayweather Jr. at a Las Vegas casino lounge.

Upon her friend's request to meet Mayweather, Brim met him, and both exchanged their phone numbers. Both started conversing over the phone in a week's time, and from then, they began to hang out. Even after their relationship ended, Mayweather and Brim remained as friends, while the former helped her to set up Devanna Love Boutique & Beauty Bar on March 2, 2014.

Their daughter Iyanna

Iyanna Mayweather was born on May 20, 2000, to Brim and Floyd Mayweather Jr. Brim was working in the Rio Hotel & Casino when she found she was pregnant with Mayweather's child. By then, they both had already stopped talking to each other due to an issue with Josie Harris, mother of one of Mayweather's children. 

Brim worked until she was eight and half months pregnant and rejoined her workplace within 8 weeks after giving birth to Iyanna. "I did what I had to do," Brim said in an interview with OZY.

Iyanna Mayweather gave birth to a baby boy, Kentrell Jr in January 2021 with Kentrell DeSean Gaulden a.k.a YoungBoy. YoungBoy is an American professional rapper. 

Iyanna revealed the news on Instagram on 9th January 2021 by uploading a picture of the baby boy’s foot with a lyrical caption from the song 'Mama’s Hand', by the singer Queen Naija."From the very moment you arrived, I felt something new inside/I developed a love that was so unconditional/And I promise to give you everything I have." Iyanna captioned.

Soon after, Iyanna shared a picture of her father holding and embracing his grandson on her Instagram. She captioned the adorable photo "Papa came to support him at his first photoshoot”.

This is the first child of YoungBoy and Iyanna’s together. However, the rapper has 6 more children from several other women. Currently, the rapper and Iyanna are not together as they parted their ways. In 2019, the rapper dissed Iyanna by dropping his rap song 'Dirty Iyanna'. 

Iyanna’s Allegation

When she was 19, she was charged with aggravated assault with a lethal weapon. Iyanna allegedly stabbed Lapattra Jacobs during a brawl over her ex-boyfriend NBA Youngboy in the rapper’s own home in April 2020. The situation went out of control when Iyanna told Jacobs that she was the rapper's fiancé and then attacked her with a couple of knives, stabbing twice on Jacob’s arm. Later she was released after being charged with a $30,000 bond.

Mayweather repeatedly explained to authorities that it was Jacobs, who started the fight by provoking her after pulling her hair. The alleged victim’s injuries didn’t suggest that it was life threatening. She was rushed to a hospital after her injury. 

Relationship with Mayweather 

Before Brim met Mayweather, she was a Tomboy without much fashion sense, and she would refuse to wear heels. She got introduced to fashion and other luxury places after Mayweather took gifted her costly presents and took her to those places. Soon Brim developed an interest in fashion.

Brim worried for Mayweather whenever he goes to fight in the sport. "You don't want to see anybody you care about get hit, and it's scary knowing that any hit could be your last, "she told OZY in 2017. 

Their relationship did not last long, and they were in an on-again and off-again relationship. Meanwhile, Mayweather had fulfilled the necessities of Brim and Iyanna. He had provided Brim with a house and had given one of his luxury cars.

They didn't interact for five long years after Iyanna was born. However, Mayweather was always there for his daughter. On the other side, Brim was in another relationship, which got ended after Mayweather contacted her. Then, the couple entered a serious discussion about their child. Mayweather expressed his apologies for his shortcomings, and ever since, the couple has been co-parenting their daughter and were in a friendly relationship with each other.

The relationship between Brim and Mayweather wasn't that smooth. According to the report of Review-Journal, the former boxer has had two separate rough incidents with Brim. The first incident took place in February 2001 when Mayweather knocked Brim on her jaw with the car door and punched her on the face and body. The second incident occurred after five months when Mayweather struck Brim in her neck.

In 2002, he pleaded guilty for both the crimes and was charged with a $3000 fine, 48 hours of community welfare service, and a half-year suspended prison sentence.

Mayweather's History

Mayweather had been in frequent trouble with the law. In 2005, the then boxer faced a trial for allegedly punching and kicking his ex-partner, late Josie Harris, and dragging her out of the car, grabbing her hair. Harris took him to court again in 2005 for allegedly kicking her and dragging her out of his car, but she changed her story on the witness stand and said she lied about Mayweather’s history. In 2003, the Las Vegas Sun reported Mayweather's conviction of two battery counts from a brawl with two female friends of Harris in a nightclub. For this, he had to face a suspended sentence of one year in jail and was ordered to undergo counseling.   

In 2012, he served two months of jail term after he assaulted Harris in front of their three kids. According to Harris, she was asleep when Mayweather clasped her hair and forcibly dragged her around. He then repeatedly punched her in the head. In 2014, Harris told USA Today that she underwent physical assault from Mayweather six different times.

Brim’s Birthday Wish

In 2020, Brim was confronted with a lot of criticisms and derogatory comments, after she wished “Happy Birthday” to Mayweather on his 42nd birthday. A lot of abusive comments flooded her Instagram post, where she conveyed her wishes to her ex-boyfriend. Mayweather had offended a lot of people in the Black community by still supporting the Italian fashion brand Gucci. In February 2020 the clothing brand Gucci manufactured a black-colored sweater that many believed resembled a blackface. While many people apparently boycotted the brand, the boxer refused to show his solidarity and also said that he wouldn’t discontinue wearing the Gucci product. The rapper 50 cent criticized Mayweather’s stance and so did T.I, who dissed the former boxer through his song 'F–K N—a'.

Mayweather's relationship timeline

Mayweather dated Late. Josie Harris. The couple commenced their relationship in 1995 and ended it in 2005. She filed charges against him in 2005 and 2010. She was found dead in her car on March 11, 2020.

He also entered into a relationship with Brim, which ended before their child was born.

Mayweather remained in a relationship with actress Shantel Jackson and the duo got engaged in September 2010. They started hanging out with each other from 2006 until they parted ways in 2014.

In October 2019, Instagram personality Gallienne Nabila was seen with Mayweather wearing a diamond ring on her finger which implied that they were engaged. 

Mayweather is currently engaged with Anna Monroe. She is employed as the head stripper at the Las Vegas club, Girl Collection. The club is owned by Mayweather himself.

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