Jimmy Houston | Biography

Jimmy Houston | Biography

Jimmy Houston is the host of his outdoor television show Jimmy Houston Outdoors. The show is viewed by over 2 million people per day around the globe. For the past 30 years, the show stands as one of the most-watched outdoor shows in America. 

With several years of expertise in fishing, Houston has displayed his ability in many tournaments, including Bass Master tournaments. In this particular tournament, he won over 350 thousand dollars.

Who Is Jimmy Houston?

Today, Jimmy is recognized as America’s most celebrated fisherman. He was born in 1944, in San Marcos and was brought up by a single father.

Raised in Moore, Okla, Houston developed a passion for the outdoors at a very young age. For this reason, his family would often take him to Lake Tenkiller on many vacations. His father bought a resort in Tenkiller in 1960 and he would eventually move there at just age 16. With several ponds around his home, he used to go fishing almost every day after school.

Living in Lake Tenkiller was most likely a defining period of his early years as he would gather the experience there to become the professional angler that he is today. 

To forward his learning, he later began studying at the Northeastern Oklahoma State University in Tahlequah. During his time in college, Houston attempted to create earnings on the lake by acting as a guide and selling catfish. The income then helped him pay his way through college.

Early Bio And Career

In 1962, when he was still a teenager in his senior year of high school, he took part in his first (fishing) tournament on Lake Tenkiller and won. It was only after winning the tournament that he wanted to engage in other tournaments in years to come. He was also later awarded the Angler of the Year Crown in 1976 and then in 1986. After the win in 1962, Houston started appearing on television shows and gradually rose to fame.

After frequently appearing in TV shows like Joe Krieger’s show and Don Wallace’s show, he got the idea to create an outdoor show of his own. In this pursuit, he spent almost 2 years exploring and studying the ways of professional sport fishermen. During the time, he fell under the influence of both Roland Martin and Bill Dance; their shows taught Houston the key to hosting a successful show.

After learning the ropes, he eventually created his own show Bass Fishing America, which would later be renamed Jimmy Houston Outdoors. The show was aired on ESPN for 21 years and went on to become one of the longest-running shows in the history of ESPN. The show was later switched to the Outdoor Life Network and several other media networks. 

As per Jimmy Houston's official website, the show currently airs on numerous networks such as Discovery, World Fishing Network, WGN, My Family TV, and many other reputed networks and channels. 

Jimmy Houston Outdoors 1986 (Photo: Youtube)

His other show, Jimmy Houston Adventures, air on the likes of WGN, JHL TV, WGN, and Hunt TV.

Describing the whereabouts of his show Jimmy Houston Outdoors, Houston explained in an interview, “We shoot everything live. Our fishing show is the original reality show. We have never staged a fish in 31 years. We have never hooked a fish on and landed it for television. Not once.”

Later Career and Success

In the world of fishing, Houston is considered among the best tournament anglers in history. For his contributions as a tournament angler, Jimmy was inducted into the National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame in 1990

Along with his companions Roland Martin and Bill Dance, he founded the company Th3 legends. The brand specializes in selling signature outdoor products, including high-modulus graphite rods, telescopic poles, super-sensitive panfish rods, specialty crappie poles, and more.

By the late 1990s, he had also published 5 books that have become worldwide bestsellers. In one of his books titled Catch of The Day, he writes about his love for Christ and fishing, and how both of these work together.

At present, he also sells his books and other outdoor merchandise such as rods, sunglasses, and gift tins on his official website. 

Jimmy Houston's Net Worth 

Despite him being 76 years old, he does not intend on retiring anytime soon. Instead, he wants to become the oldest angler in history. He's determined to make more appearances on TV, and perhaps even film a TV series. Availed by the number of achievements and a spirited personality, Jimmy Houston continues to be sought by his fans and viewers. 

According to Celebritynetworth, the veteran fishing expert is worth around $6 million dollars.