Jesseca Dupart | Biography 2021

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  • Full Name Jesseca Dupart
  • Occupation Businesswoman, Hair Stylist
  • Nationality American
  • Birthplace New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A.
  • Birth Date Feb 12, 1982
  • Age 42 Years, 5 Months
CEO of Kaleidoscope Hair Products

Jesseca Dupart | Biography 2021

Writer of ‘When The Miracle Drops’

Jesseca Dupart is the founder and CEO of an American company called Kaleidoscope Hair Products. In 2019, the mayor of New Orleans, LaToya Cantrell, presented her with the Key to the City of New Orleans in recognition of her generosity and business contributions to the city.

Jesseca Dupart is the founder and CEO of an American company called Kaleidoscope Hair Products. The brand, which exhibits celebrity endorsements from Trina, Angela Yee, and Monica, has close to 200,000 followers on Instagram.

Who Is Jesseca Dupart?

The single mother of three is a self-made businesswoman who has branched out into mentoring, real estate management, public speaking, and philanthropic activities. From a young single mom striving to make ends meet, she has grown into a multimillionaire hair entrepreneur with her hard work and dedication.

In the year 2013, Dupart established her own hair salon. Sadly, her dreams were shattered as her salon burnt down due to a fire in December that year. Without losing hope, she introduced Kaleidoscope Hair Products in July 2014. 

She founded Kaleidoscope Realty in June 2018, a real estate firm in which she owns and manages a multimillion-dollar commercial property. She's a beauty tycoon with a sizable following on social media and has an Instagram following of over one million people.

Dupart is also the CEO of Kaleidoscope Shipping LLC since October 2016.

In 2019, the mayor of New Orleans, LaToya Cantrell, presented her with the Key to the City of New Orleans in recognition of her generosity and business contributions to the city.

Early Life

Dupart was born on 12 February 1982 in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. She was born into a middle-class household in the city's Seventh Ward to Jesse Anthony Dupart and Evelyn Dupart. She has two brothers Jesse Jr. Dupart and Damon Sr. Dupart and a sister, Jheri Dupart.

Her father served as an accountant for Shell and a local university, as well as a business person who operated a liquor shop and rental houses. Unfortunately, her father passed away in 2011. Evelyn, her mother, previously worked at the post office and had been assisting Dupart with Kaleidoscope's shipping since her retirement.

According to Dupart, her parents tried to divert her career into a different path and wanted her to become a doctor or a lawyer. 

Dupart went through tough times in her teenage days. She gave birth to her first child at the age of fifteen. Two years later, she became pregnant with her second child at just 17. Her family abandoned her and she was forced out of her house during her second pregnancy.

Early Career

The multi-millionaire entrepreneur was always interested in creating different hairstyles from a very young age. Eventually, she pursued cosmetology and started her salon at 16. 

Dupart started working out of her family's house before and after school, styling the hair of her classmates, relatives, acquaintances, and neighbors until she developed dedicated clients. 

In 2005, Dupart moved to Houston after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans. She had $20,000 in savings from her previous business, but she didn't have access to FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) funding. As a result, she spent it immediately to support her family's living needs.

She then set up a shop in a leased house and started fixing hair for other New Orleans clients. She started promoting her business by printing hairdo images at Kinko's and putting them throughout Houston.

In 2007, Dupart and her then-partner, Ro, launched their business and beauty salon. She started dabbling in social media marketing, publishing images, and videos on Facebook to attract customers. Slowly, they started employing local hip-hop celebrities, radio DJs, and social media influencers to attend several events at the salon.

Kaleidoscope Hair Studio / Products

At the end of 2012, she registered the name of her company as Kaleidoscope, which she got from her love of colors. The Salon first opened its doors in August 2013, with a $1,800 rent deposit (from her remaining $2,000 funds).

Over the following few months, Dupart actively worked to purchase all the materials for the salon on her own. Unfortunately, in December 2013, her business was burnt down by the fire.

Later in June 2014, she came up with Kaleidoscope hair products, which became a massive hit. Kaleidoscope's sales increased dramatically in 2018, moving from $100,000 per month at the start of the year to $1 million by the end of March. The company has exceeded $7 million in sales as of May 2019.

Dupart credits her incredible team of smart people that help her manage the Kaleidoscope Hair Products entities. In a 2020 interview with Seen Magazine, she said,

We are building and strategizing to improve efficiencies every day. For the most part, I take it one day at a time to enjoy the process and not allow it to consume me. If I ever have a moment of being overwhelmed, I simply tell God….. not sure what/why this is, but I trust you.

Other Works

She is also the founder and CEO of Kaleidoscope Realty that was established in June 2018. It is a real estate firm that manages multimillion-dollar commercial property. 

Dupart is also the CEO of Kaleidoscope Shipping LLC since October 2016.

Aside from all her businesses, she published a book titled ‘When The Miracle Drops’ on 31 March 2019. The business book gives information about how Instagram helped her transform her dream product into a multimillion-dollar business.

Personal Life

Dupart became pregnant thrice during her young teenage days. She first became pregnant at the age of 15, and again at 17 and 19, respectively. She has two sons Byron Jr., Jay, and a daughter, Deja Dupart from her previous relationships.

Is Jesseca Dupart Married?

Dupart and her girlfriend Da Brat went public with their relationship in March 2020. The well-known rapper, Da Brat, came out as a lesbian in her mid-40s.

The couple was originally rumored to be together in February when Dupart uploaded a selfie of her hand with a wedding ring. 

Da Brat’s sister LisaRaye confessed to MadameNoire in 2020 that she had a working relationship with Dupart before the Miracle Drops CEO met her sister. When she gave Da Brat to test the product, the couple struck up a conversation and formed a friendship and then in a relationship.

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