Jackson Wang | Biography 2021
Jackson Wang | Biography 2021

Quick Information

  • Full Name Jackson Wang
  • Occupation Singer, Rapper, Dancer, K-pop star
  • Nationality Chinese
  • Birthplace British Hong Kong
  • Born Year And Birthday March 28, 1994

Jackson Wang | Biography 2021

Jackson Wang is a K-pop star based in China. This solo artist governs his record label Team Wang and is also a part of the Korean boy group Got7.

Quick Information
  • Full Name Jackson Wang
  • Occupation Singer, Rapper, Dancer, K-pop star
  • Nationality Chinese
  • Birthplace British Hong Kong
  • Birth Date March 28, 1994

Jackson Wang is a K-pop star based in China. This solo artist governs his record label Team Wang and is also a part of the Korean boy group Got7

Who is Jackson Wang?

Wang is a Korean pop star from Hong Kong. He was spotted by JYP Entertainment when he was 16 years old. At that time, Wang was getting trained in fencing or sword fighting to get into the Olympics and had received a scholarship offer from a prestigious university to study abroad. After he auditioned for the agency, he dropped his plans of becoming an athlete and moved to South Korea to be a K-pop idol.

Jackson debuted with the boy group Got7 in 2014, and it fetched him instant international popularity with the debut song, ‘Girls Girls Girls’. He also appeared in several reality television shows along with his band releases. He won the 'Newcomer Award' at the 2014 SBS Entertainment Awards for his appearance in the variety show 'Roommate'.

Further, he started his own production Team Wang in 2017 under the JYP entertainment and made his first solo debut in China. Since then, Jackson has been singing and producing his solo albums and been conducting his solo ventures. His recent and one of the prominent associations is with the singer and songwriter, Rain. The duo released their collaborated song ‘Magnetic’.

Jackson Wang launched his streetwear record label brand Team Wang Design in 2020.

Early Life

Wang was born on 28 March 1994 in British Hong Kong. His mother was a former gymnast, and his father was a former Asian Games gold medalist member of China's national fencing team. He studied at the American International School, Hong Kong. He was the second child to his parents, and his older brother Winston became a rugby player and moved to Australia.

Wang started learning fencing at the young age of 10 and was training for Olympics at 16. He was randomly spotted by a Korean talent agent when he was playing basketball in his school after his exams. Jackson then attended the K-pop star audition and got through the first round. Following this, he rejected the scholarship to study abroad and moved to Korea to become a K-pop star. 

Jackson has been drawing his inspiration to sing and produce music from American singers Omarion and Chris Brown.


Growing up in a sports family, Jackson was equally interested in music. Even after Jackson was selected in the audition and wanted to move to Korea, his family was not happy with his decision. At the same time, they did not stop him from his interest but thought it would be the worst decision of his life.

After moving to Korea, Jackson received rigorous training under JYP Entertainment. He had to go through a structural elimination process every week to pass the evaluation process for activities such as dancing, singing, acting, rapping, and producing. 

Being the only foreigner among the 50 trainees, Wang had to learn the Korean culture and the language all by himself. For a year, he learned the language from books, and after that, he picked it from "dating." In addition to the difficulty of merging with a different culture, he found it hard to compete with the likes of singers and dancers since he came from a sports background— he was previously a part of a Hongkong-based fencing team. He would constantly feel anxious when he thought that he would have to go home and start from scratch if he failed the process. He explains:

Actually the first week in Korea I already kind of regret now, not regret, I was very insecure because like everybody came in because they are a good dancer, good singer or a good actor like they got their weapon you know? I went, and I was an athlete. I was very insecure, but you know I just thought to myself, well if I want to catch up; when they are doing ten push-ups or I should do ten-times more; I got to do 100 and this is how I am going to catch.

After two and a half years of hardcore training, Wang got selected as a member of the debuting boy K-pop group Got7. The group got chosen among 30 finalists. The group debuted in 2014 with the singles ‘Girls Girls Girls’, from their first Extended Play, ‘Got It?’.

They soon came up with their second mini-album with the title song ‘A’. By then, their first music video gained 10 million views on YouTube, giving this rookie group immediate global popularity.

The same year, Got7 released their first full album 'Identify', followed by 'Moriagatteyo' (2016), 'Flight Log: Turbulence' (2016), 'Present: You' (2018), and 'Breath of Love: Last Piece' (2020).

Got7 quickly harvested both commercial and popularity successes by building up a huge fanbase. He says he feels "blessed" to see the  K-pop culture "being spread out globally."   

Solo Career

In 2017, Wang made his solo debut in China with the track titled ‘Papillon’. The JYP entertainment company assigned him his team, Team Wang consisting of two persons - his manager and Wang himself, which by 2021 had grown to have more than 60-70 people.   

Throughout 2017 and the following year, Wang managed to balance between his solo career under his record label Team Wang and his responsibilities with Got7. On his obligations with Got7 and his solo career, he has said:

I will spend half the time in Korea and half the time in China doing my own stuff. In Korea, I am still in a K-pop group, Got7; we are doing our stuff in K-pop. But in China, I am doing my music, just everything about Jackson. When they, the rest of Got7, rest, I go to China. When my Chinese label’s employees rest, I go back to Korea. I have to fit a year’s schedule into six months, which is difficult. It is tough. But at the end of the day, I love what I am doing, so it’s okay.

Alongside his Got7 performances, Wang has appeared in many reality-variety shows, including 'Star King', 'Law of the Jungle', 'Happy Together', 'Radio Star', 'Problematic Men', and the second season of SBS's 'Roommate', a television show similar to an American television series ‘Big Brother’, etc... He has won the 'Newcomer Award' at the 2014 SBS Entertainment Awards for his appearance in 'Roommate'.

In 2020, while elaborating about his solo release '100 ways,' Wang commented,"…There are 100 ways to leave a lover but I [Jackson] is the only one you need,” Wang comments while elaborating about his solo release '100 ways'  in 2020. In 2021, Wang released another solo, 'Leave Me Loving You' (LMLY)."

Wang’s one of the most significant collaborations is with the eminent South Korean songwriter, actor, and music producer Jung Ji-Hoon, fondly called Rain. The duo released their song ‘Magnetic’ in 2021. 

Speaking about the production of the song, Wang stated, “'Magnetic' is one of many releases this year, where I hope to show more of who I am and what Team Wang is about. In addition to writing and producing the song, I also wrote the script and directed the music video with Team Wang production."

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