Brandon Boyd | Biography 2021
Brandon Boyd | Biography 2021

Quick Information

  • Full Name Brandon Boyd
  • Occupation Singer, Songwriter
  • Nationality America
  • Birthplace California, USA
  • Born Year And Birthday February 15, 1976

Brandon Boyd | Biography 2021

Brandon Boyd is an American singer, songwriter, musician, and visual artist, famously known as the lead vocalist of Incubus. 

Quick Information
  • Full Name Brandon Boyd
  • Occupation Singer, Songwriter
  • Nationality America
  • Birthplace California, USA
  • Birth Date February 15, 1976

Brandon Boyd is an American singer, songwriter, musician, and visual artist, famously known as the lead vocalist of Incubus. 

Who is Brandon Boyd? 

Brandon Boyd is the lead vocalist of the infamous rock band Incubus and alt-rock duo Sons of the Sea. Boyd acquired the strength of expressing his thoughts through art from his parents. Right from his childhood, Boyd used to draw and explore his imagination in various creative ways to put it on paper.   

When Boyd was in high school, he joined a local band with his friends and started playing songs around the neighborhood. They eventually named their band Incubus.

In 1995, they released their first album, after which they landed a record deal. Boyd was doing college at the time. He then discontinued his studies and started working on music. 

The crew wrote hard-rock music and experimented with it in their first two albums. Their third album was a breakthrough composition, after which they kept on touring and working on further releases. 

Boyd, along with the band, pursued a solo career in music and visual arts. He published two solo albums and three visual art books. He is an avid exhibitionist of his art and has showcased his talent in numerous art fairs. 

Early Life

Brandon Charles Boyd was born on 15 February 1976 in Van Nuys, California. Both of his parents – father Charles Boyd and mother Priscilla 'Dolly' Wiseman, were artists. They were the reason behind Brandon and his siblings artistically expressing their thoughts and ideas. 

Boyd and his younger brother Jason used to fight when they were young. Their mother distracted their fights with a creative idea by making them play brain games or scribbling games. Hence, he was raised in an imaginative environment, which led him to pursue expressions in art from a young age. 

Boyd went to Calabasas High School and graduated in 1994. He did his college for just two years at Moorpark College, and then he went on to form Incubus. Prior to this band, Boyd was set to attend the music school, and he had received a scholarship for the same. But he chose to make music instead. 


Boyd joined a band when he was in high school in 1991. Apart from Boyd, the band included Mike Einziger, Alex Katunich, and Boyd's elementary school friend Jose Pasillas. Though Boyd was taken in the crew for his singing abilities, he was added as the last essential element to the band. They then started writing songs for the vocal coverage and gained popularity in their neighborhood. 

The team members came up with the name Incubus, randomly from the dictionary during their first show in their friend's house. After the show, Boyd initiated making posters about their concerts. He used to draw on the posters himself and advertise the band's upcoming performances. He once copied drawings from a sex education book to attract people but stopped soon after their listeners started asking questions on their representation. 

They released their first album, 'Fungus Amongus,' in 1995. In 1996, they landed a record deal with Immortal Records and began making releases.


The major label debut of Incubus was in 1997. It was a six-track album titled 'Enjoy Incubus.' The same year, they released their second album, 'S.C.I.E.N.C.E.' It was a heavy metal composition in which they experimented with songs like 'Redefine' and 'Idiot Box.' 

The third release was in 1999, and this hard rock album was titled 'Make Yourself.' It was one of their successful compositions with the main track 'Stellar,' while other tracks include 'I Miss You' and 'Drive.' 

Followed by 'Morning View' in 2001, 'A Crow Left of the Murder…'  was released in 2004, which included their superhit single 'Megalomaniac.' In 2006, they released 'Light Grenades,' including tracks 'Quicksand,' 'Dig,' and 'Love Hurts.'

By 2007, Incubus was constantly touring, simultaneously working on their music for future albums. The band had reached the top of the billboards chart and gained a significant audience. 

Consequently, in 2008, the band announced that they were taking a break from touring and recording to focus on their personal lives for the time being. Boyd joined a college in Los Angeles to get an arts degree but could do only a semester. 

Upon leaving the art school, he was told to complete homework, for which he reacted, "It was really fun, really educational, but I figured out – at the time I was in my mid-30s – that I was just overdoing homework. My appreciation for being my own boss skyrocketed that day." 

But, by mid-2009, Incubus was ready with another album, 'Moments and Melodies,' followed by 'If Not Now, When?' in 2013, 'Trust Fall' (Side A) in 2014, and the band's eighth studio album '8' in 2016. 

Their recent album was 'Trust Fall' (Side B), with the opening track 'Karma, Come back,' released in 2019. Immediately after the release of the album, the pandemic hit the cities. 

Boyd illuminated the position of music on a person's everyday life, "We allow music to be a way of expressing ourselves, not only through a way of writing or performing it but by way of absorbing it – listening to it and experiencing it. I can say that the music I listen to does impact me on a daily basis. Sometimes I catch myself lost in it. I tuned into a song, someone starts talking to me like, 'Hey, what should we have for dinner?' And I'm like, 'Oh, I'm sorry. It's dinner time?' It's a lovely escape of sorts. So much of our musical experiences serve as an escape and whisking us away from our current situation. Music really can be an avenue for arriving. It can also bring in a lot of realizations. So, it's not only an escape but a mechanism to transport you to relatively profound realizations of who you are."

Solo Career

Boyd released his first solo album, 'Wild Trapeze,' in 2010. Subsequently, he released the music videos of the leading tracks of the album 'Runaway Train' and 'Last Night a Passenger' in June and October of 2010. 

Further, in 2013, Boyd announced his new project, a duo band Sons of the Sea. He formed the duo with the Incubus producer Brendan O'Brien to explore his creative energy on alt-rock as the Incubus was in a long-term hiatus. The self-titled debut album was released the same year. 

Commenting and comparing his working experience in Incubus and Sons of the Sea, Boyd said, "Incubus has been a band for 22 years, but after seven albums and getting out of our contract, we'll make a record when it's the right time. I'm actually really excited… It's been good. It's so different from the first independent release that I did the very first album that Incubus ever put out. We put out a record called Fungus Amongus in the very early '90s when we were graduating high school. So, this feels completely new again because there's not a label behind it. There's not a major push behind it. It's humbling in many ways but it's also so joyous too, to put out music under these kinds of circumstances, just purely for the love of music and loving music."

Then in 2015, he recorded the song 'Steam to the Rose' with Sons of the Sea for a documentary he was working on titled 'Becoming Bulletproof.'  

Art and Publications

Boyd, alongside his music career, was active in publishing his art. He published books are 'White Fluffy Clouds' (2003), 'From the Murks of the Sultry Abyss' (2007), and 'So the Echo' (2013).

Boyd had participated in many national and international solo and group exhibitions and engaged in several book signings. He had also taken part in art fairs like Art Miami and Scope Art Fair during Miami Art Week. 

Boyd connoted his desire in eluding his thoughts or feelings through the means of art, "I usually, and this has been my experience for as long as I can remember, there's sort of an overwhelming desire. An overwhelming drive either to pick up a guitar or pick up a pen or stare into a black piece of paper or canvas until something emerges. It's once again kind of hard to describe and another reason why it's fascinating because there's like this overwhelming urge to make something out of nothing and it's actually a really beautiful feeling where you're in the midst of it. You're usually not paying attention to how you're feeling; you're sort of in it. It's kind of a mindless state, so what I've learned how to do over the years is to create environments and search for environments that are conducive to that feeling."

Boyd's recent exhibition was in The Other Art Fair, Sydney, in March 2021. He exhibited his original artwork and limited edition prints with some unseen ones like 'Eyes Without A Face' and 'Sarah With Red Spirals.' 

Recent and Future Projects

Boyd recently appeared on the 'American Idol' during the All-Star Duet Week in April 2021. He performed Incubus's hit song 'Wish You Were Here' with the 15-year-old contestant of the show Casey Bishop. He also performed 'Drive' with another contestant Chayce Beckham. They were honored with a standing ovation from the judges. 

Nearing the 20th Anniversary of Incubus in 2021, the band members announced that they are working on a couple of projects for their fans. Boyd also disclosed that he was recording new songs and covers during the pandemic lockdown of 2021, kindling the expectation of his fans on his upcoming solo releases. 

Personal Life

Boyd was in a 10-year-old relationship which he broke up while composing the tracks of their album '8'. On retrospect, he said, "I was exiting a 10-year relationship, and it was a beautiful process to unfold from that — it was slow, but it was also incredibly difficult, too."

After the Incubus popularity, the band established a charitable foundation, Make yourself Foundation, in 2003. The foundation has raised more than 1.6 million dollars for many non-profit organizations serving various causes. The members also directed the proceeds from the sales of their records, tickets, and merchandise sales to the foundation. 

Boyd also donated a portion of his 2021 Venice clothing exhibition to the charitable organization H.O.P.E. (Helping Other People Everywhere).

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